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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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April 23, 2006


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Mark Biernbaum

Thanks for drawing attention to the nefarious J.P. Moore, Hank. The man is deranged, but he is also very powerful, so all efforts must be made to expose him. I really appreciate your help with this.

Hank Barnes

Hi Mark,

I really enjoyed your letter published in Harpers.

You have the unique perspective of someone (a) afflicted with the "disease" (if a positive anti-body test in fact equates with disease) and (b) steeped in the scientific background and training to ferret out the mounds of b.s. being shovelled by folks making $$$ off the AIDS industry (which, sadly, is what it has become).

Like I once told Moore's lap-dog, Richard Jeffreys, I prefer civility to incivility -- I would prefer rigourous, honest, scientific dialogue between doctors, scientists and patients about HIV -- its theories and shortcomings.

However, as amply demonstrated by your e-mail exchange with Doc Moore, folks like him make it nearly impossible.

I'm a fairly patient, tenacious fellow, though, so we shall see how all this plays out.

You are always welcome here, Mark.

Moore, if you are reading this, you are welcome here, too, but you need an attitude adjustment, and you need to be prepared, like all good scientists, to falsify your hypothesis that HIV causes T4-cell depletion.

Hank B


See Mark? Hank's a pretty good guy. Good to see you back and hope you are doing well.

Hank B

"pretty good guy"?

Jeez, how the mighty have fallen.

I was "King Hank" just a few comments ago:)

Mark Biernbaum

I didn't know about the relationship between Moore and Jefferys. I wish someone had told me. Jefferys has been insulting me and riding me endlessly at NAR, so much so that I've decided I'm no longer participating. I guess Moore sicked him on me. It's too gross for real, guys. I can't take anymore of it.


Hank said:

""pretty good guy"?

Jeez, how the mighty have fallen.

I was "King Hank" just a few comments ago:)"

Subtle understatement can be a great tool for making a point, Hank! By the way, look at YOU! Quite the little blogger these days. Posting away like crazy. Trying to keep up with the Middleman!

And, Mark... Hang in there. Your voice is important.

Eugene Weixel

I became interested in the issue of AIDS drug experimenting on foster children as a child protective worker at ACS and have been following the supposed "investigation" that was announced over a year ago and whose purpose seems to be to run out the clock on the issue. I've been getting more and more interested in what AIDS actually is, or is not. While I am not a scientist and don't claim to be any sort of expert what I do note is the clarity and rational presentation by people like Dr. David Rasnick, as opposed to the kind of thing I read this early morning in the in line New York Times Op Ed page. John Moore and Nicolli Natrass were given the opportunity to attack Dr. Rasnick personally while presenting no evidence that HIV causes AIDS or even that this virus can be found in human beings.

Coupled with ACS's (New York City's child welfare agency)inability to even provide an accurate number of the children who were in its care who were given over for experimentation it looks bad for the HIV hypothesizers.If they don't know who they experimented on how do they know what the outcome of their experiments were?

While they tell us the incidence of AIDS among children in New York has plumetted and try to take credit for this they do not tell us that the number of false positives has plumetted and that women who have what is called "risk factors" are increasingly less and less likely to have children.

The Vera Institute, an ACS contract agency is dragging out the investigation that ACS Commissioner Mattingly promised over a year ago.

One would have hoped that the raw data about the tests and the subject children, and the outcomes for each, would be readily available and that Administration for Children's Services, the Government of the City of New York and Vera all would be anxious to rapidly and loudly let everyone know what good the AIDS drug experiments did for the foster children subjected to them.This is not the case. Now, why?


Hey, we welcome all fat old Jewish guys from the Hood to join us!

Nice blog, Eugene and good insights.

ICC was, literally, a house of horrors.

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