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April 30, 2006


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thanks for the link to the AIDS Wikipedia info.

I'm especially drawn to the psychology of this, the stuff there they call the "AIDS cult".

I see "AIDS" as more of a sociological and psychological phenomenon than a medical one.


Dan wrote:

"I see "AIDS" as more of a sociological and psychological phenomenom than a medical one."

I tend to agree, although there is a legitimate medical component , ie, What causes a T4-Cell depletion, and Do these toxic meds mitigate or exacerbate the problem?

But, all the stupid greed and politics, and silly red ribbons have defintely overshadowed the medical elements.

You a good man, Dan.


Dean Esmay

Hate to be pedantic, but that's not an AIDS Wikipedia. It's an AIDS wiki. Wikipedia is just one wiki, one of thousands that have sprung up. Wikipedia is the biggest wiki, the granddaddy wiki, and there is only one.

And you'll find Wikipedia is less than kind to AIDS dissenters. There seems to be a collective there who won't let dissenters and skeptics have their say.


Darn you, Dean!

I think you are right.

Let me amend my remarks:

I like the concept of wiki, and there's a bunch of them sprung up all over the damn place to confuse us!


Darin Brown

The AIDS wiki is (still) soliciting help from eager volunteers, esp. those who would be willing to write on biological topics or simply anything which may not be widely known or easy to find. Just email the admin per the instructions at the mainpage.

It's not (intended to be) just "Revolver's wiki".


Hey Darin Brown,

If you are inclined, we'd love to hear your mathematical interpretation of the Padian study, and how 'ole Nancy came up with her numbers, in the face of finding "no seroconversions."


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