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May 25, 2006


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this completely disputes a claim made on the BBC in 2001 that they had found THE captive chimp from whence "HIV" came!

They're full of crap.


As long as we're on the subject of origins...whatever happened to the idea of "patient zero"?

Back in the olden days, folks believed Gaetan Dugas was patient zero with a religious fervor. That story is obviously a flight of fancy, because if it was put out there as "fact" the folks at AIDS, inc. would have to actually connect the dots between Gaetan and these chimps. They ain't gonna do that.



Yeah, its sheer nonsense. They juss make crap up -- put a pseudo-scientific veneer on it, and throw it out there.

So, how did these wild African chimps get to all those raucous parties on Fire Island in the mid-70's?

BTW, sifting thru all that apeshit elicits exactly what evidence relating to Chimpanzees?


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