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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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May 20, 2006


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Now you're preaching to the choir Hank. This could be your best post ever, except for the fact there haven't been any prior winners.

Wait until you hit 55 and find out the AMA, AHA, CDC and assorted drug groups says your blood pressure needs medications to lower it to like 80 over 40 to help the drug biz, meanwhile you can jack it up a notch if taking an occasional viagra, that'd be the blue pill in the little box in your trouser pocket.

Personally, I like the cholesterol drugs the best. An old man don't need all those drugs. I figure if my cholesterol is under 1000 and I'm still breathing there must be a 'reason to believe' as Rod Stewart sings.

The latest scam is the up the other end polyp check. This sets you and/or your medical insurance back $ 1000 to $ 2000 US. So I says to the wife. Do you really need this ? You know the answer. Two days on the toilet and a co-payment of $1000.

Well, the pictures were great. No problems found. The bad news is that someone lost the check for $ 1000.00.

See what you have to look forward to Hank. Its great. I have to go now, its time for Larry King and Dr. Gupta.


"This is about the monetarization of medicine."

Yeah, but it's also about something much deeper, far more sinister. Read the article. It's quite instructive. The Pharmas are paying to change *definitions*, to craft the very axioms upon which all other "knowledge" will be built. They ain't stupid. Like the High Priests of all ages, they understand that if you get to write the dictionary, you can go well beyond determining what thoughts are permitted, you can determine what thoughts are *possible*.


McKiernan at Barnesville...

That's as noteworthy as Hank's fine story. Unless this McK is as "real" as Farber and Duesberg!

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