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May 24, 2006


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Orlando Incognito


No doubt there has been some excessive coverage on the bird flu and some hyperbole.

What is YOUR prediction as to whether or not it will hit home here?

The reason I think it important to pin you down, is that it's easy to pop off on the internet as you do, but there oughta be some consequence for those who do pop off, and get it spectacularly wrong.


I agree. If Hank is wrong and more than 10% of the US population is wiped out, I believe he should be prosecuted for giving his opinion that it would never happen. After all, if he were here preaching caution, he might well be able to prevent H5N1 from ever mutating to a Human2Human virus!

If convicted, I would take away his "right to blog" for not less than 180 days.

Now, ask me what my legal remedies would be for people who whip up needless hysteria and profit from it.



Well, despite the rigorous, potent and devastating rebuttal by my friend, John -- I will make a prediction.

There about 35K deaths/year in the US due to flu.

Yet, everyone gets the flu. It usually only kills the already weak, the already infirm.

So, I predict that the 35K deaths/year WILL NOT CHANGE over the next few years, except for population changes.

In sum, I predict there will be NO increased deaths by flu.

How's that?

Hank B

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