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June 08, 2006


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Gene Semon

And don't forget new return-of the-living-dead HPV vaccine campain, debunked by Peter Duesberg way back in 1992. (see "Latent Viruse and Mutated Oncogenes" paper).

Gene Semon

Also available right here!

Peter Duesberg => Scientific Papers

Duesberg, P. H. and Schwartz, J. R. (1992) Latent viruses and mutated oncogenes: no evidence for pathogenicity
(Prog Nucleic Acid Res Mol Biol 43: 135-204)


Hey Gene Semon,

Great citation to Duesberg:

"In a controlled study of age-matched women 67% of those with cervical cancer and 43% of those without were found to be HPV positive. (Reeves et al, Int. J. Cancer 40, 450 (1987). These cancers are observed on average only 20-50 years after infection. (zur Hausen, Cancer Res. 49, 4677 (1989)."

Sounds like ubiquitous viruses, to me. Dare I even ask whether HPV has satisfied Kochs' Postulates?

Welcome, Gene -- hope to see you here often!


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