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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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June 20, 2006


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Too bad he is not from the PRC. By now he would have been popped in the head and his kidneys and liver would be working in someone else.

Lawstud out!



Instead of stem cells, we should harvest his organs -- except for his brain!



I am curious if you can provide a summary of the Carlton Geidischeck (sp?) affair with refss?

My limited understand is that he received a Nobel for "inventing the kuru virus", and then spent 25 years importing island boys as sex toys until he was found out and convicted as a sex offender of the worst sort, and yet somehow he is still free and receiving kudos for the transformation of "kuru" into prions?

Do I have any of this right?



George -- you got it ALL right!

See above


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