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June 29, 2006


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I suspect it was, and will be very useful to Bialy however!

I further posit as a testable hypothesis that Moore is an insurgent sleeper in very deep cover that has now been told to wake up.


This Mullis fellow seems like my type of guy. I'm gonna order his book and the Bialy book. Maybe some summer reading on the beach.


This Moore guy, does he have a significant other? Has he been laid in the past 40 years? Me thinks not!

Lawstud out!


I've found that different people have their own personal "triggers" that get them to wake up and start questioning this HIV/AIDS scam.

So many of us focus on the "science", as if that alone was all this thing is about. It isn't. I hammered one of my coworkers with all of the paradoxes in the "AIDS" paradigm with only mild effect. When we got into the money and politics of "AIDS", he became keenly interested, and opened up immensely to the idea that this is all a sham. For me, originally, it was the psychology that kept me from completely allowing myself to be taken in.

Each of us has different "triggers". So, as Dr. Bialy has pointed out, Dr. Moore's empty rants coming from a supposed place of medical authority may wake up a lot of people who might not otherwise be open to simply hearing about all of the inconsistencies involved with the "science". I don't think Dr. Bialy is joking when he states how important Mr. Moore has become to "our side". His emotional rants may get a certain number of people to open up to questioning this.



Exactly! Moore is not the quite confident type and, you are spot on, that his rants belie his weakness. The science should be the strongest arbiter of who pervails on the argument, but following the money ususally gets one to the same place. Moore uses the current political weapon of name calling. In law school we were told to argue the facts and if that doesn't work, then argue the law and if that too doesn't work call the other side names. Moore is obviously in that mode. Shame on him.



Dan & Lawstud,

Hey, some cogent observations!

It seems to me there are 3 important groups on this:

1. The scientists who have figured out the HIV scam

2. The victims -- mostly gay men -- who have been stigmatized as HIV+ and struggle whether to take the drugs or not;

3. The almost-victims -- again, mostly gay men -- who rejected the the pressure and kept away from the entire AIDS apparatus.

So, for different groups, Yes, definitely there are different triggers.

The corruption of science, the greed of Big Pharma, the alternative, tofu-eating, bean sprout enema crowd -- there are a million different angles to view this problem.



As I mentioned to Dr. Bialy, I believe that Moore's review will indeed be "helpful" in the grand scheme. People flock to controversy. Look what happens every time the religious right comes out swinging against a movie, a piece of music or a book. Their most recent fiasco was the stident attacks on The Da Vinci Code. Net result - over $200 million in worldwide ticket sales the first week of release. Does anyone really believe the movie would have done anywhere close to that without major organized religion's thoughtful advertising campaign. Hell, if I hadn't read Dr. B's masterpiece of science, Moore would have convinced ME to go take a closer look!

noreen martin

Tofu, bean-srpouting, edema crowd, classic, a good laugh. All of the above comments are correct. Let's hope that the pot stays stirred up and at some point everything will come out in the wash.

Best, Noreen



Da Vinci Code? Man, was Tom Hanks havin' a bad hair day or what?:)


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