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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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June 18, 2006


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Gee Whiz, another unguent to apply before the "deed" is done. Do they come in flavors?? Root Beer perhaps??

Lawstud out.


Happy Father's Day, Hank!

Moore seems like a greedy fellow.


"So, Moore wants the world to apply these pesticides, er, I mean microbicides, on female genitalia before intercourse!"

Rrrroooowwwwrrr!!! Sounds sexy!
I think you're avoiding the erotic possibilities, Hank. Don't be such a sourpuss (no pun intended).

Hey! I've got a solution! Just make sex illegal. The only people that can have sex are married couples who've been tested for every thing under the sun, and are only engaging in intercourse for the express purpose of procreation. I'm serious.


I forgot to add something...there should also be legal consequences to the couple (mostly the woman, though...sorry, but that's how it works)if the woman fails to become pregnant.

Am I being too cynical? 'Cause I don't think this Orwellian nightmare has reached its climax yet.



Do you realize how Freudian your posts are on this string? I rather like it!!



Hi Dan & Lawstud,

Clearly, these AIDS geniuses needed to "sex" AIDS up in order to get gov't $$ for all their silly scientific boondoggles.

Scientifically, there is no reason to link AIDS with sex. Padian debunks heterosex (which most people silently agreed with anyway). But I think it debunks anal sex, too. Based purely on demographics, there are many more women getting buggered than homosexual men.

The AIDS cartel makes $$ and derives power by bymming our collective mojo:)


Even Padian showed that 38% of the heterosexual couples were engaged in anal sex.

If so, then where are all the straight, white, affluent suburban chicks getting AIDS?


noreen martin

Hello Hank,
Great website! I guess my husband and I are missing out on all the fun as we use no protection, flavored or not, and he is HIV negative. Dr. Moore cannot explain couples like us.

I personally feel that the AIDS rethinkers must unite as a group and meet in a major city. We are spread all over the states and the world for that matter and hopping from website to website. We must unite to let our voices be heard and finally get some news coverage!

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