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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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June 19, 2006


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Moore's "reasoning" for why orthodox scientists don't debate the "denialists" is so inane and unconvincing that a grade-schooler could see through it.

He says such a debate doesn't occur because: debate should only occur between credible scientists, but no credible scientist would dispute the role of "HIV" in "AIDS".

C'mon! What a lark!


He also writes much more like an activist, than a scientist. Since he rarely, if ever, cites any scientific work.




Why doesn't Moore address the Padian report?

Aside from the silliness, I think that's a valid issue.

Darin Brown

"He claims he doesn't debate with 'AIDS Denialists,' which, of course, is another lie"

Not quite accurate. He does *communicate* with "AIDS denialists", but he does not *debate* them. Debate entails defending your claims and responding to critics. There is little real debate at the three links above, but a lot of "internet chit-chat".


"Internet chit chat" to be sure, and quite amusing and educational chit chat at that.

"Professor Poseur" seems a rather gentle epithet. "Professor Pendejo" is more to the 'point', I think.

Gene Semon


Thanks for the compliment over at Tara's place.

At least we can thank Viji for not indulging in such .... behaviour, (words fail me here) of the great and powerful Wizard of... oh, I mean esteemed professor who obviously knows everything there is to know in molecular biology.

Where do you even start with a guy like that? I guess with Dorothy... as Harvey and Darin Brown have done so well.

BTW, I wonder what he thinks of antidenialist Viji's HUGE error on human reverse transcriptase, posted for the entire world to see. Note also how they don't respond to Wilhelm's or your substantive points nor acknowledge basic errors such as the size of TMV and TYMV viruses.

Anyhoo, over to Tara's ...

Best regards,

Gene Semon

Unfortunately, Viji is now coming a bit unglued over there.



It's a bloody mess over there -- like that movie, "The Blob."

Well done:)


Dean Esmay

It's amazingly fun to watch people make idiots of themselves.

They can't win a fair argument and what's worse, they know they can't.

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