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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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July 07, 2006


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Do your friends call you Dick?




Isn't the real question, "Do you have any friends, Dick?"

Gay as a Jewish Jay

I once offered, and right here at Hank's place, to be his special friend and play bedroom baseball with him in my fancy upper east side digs (pitcher or catcher, no diff to me), but the dick refused.


I am pleased to see the Groucho image is "infectious".



I just love sports references and expecially baseball. I bet you are a sucker for the high hard one!



Are you offering to pitch one to me? :)

But, enough I think of this follderoll. Shouldn't we return to more serious matters, like Dick's IQ?



Well, let's bring this back a bit to the topic at hand:

Premise 1: Not all AIDS patients die.

Premise 2: Some question the standard medical paradigm: HIV=>AIDS=>Death and do fine.

Premise 3: Some choose not to take too much of the toxic drugs and do fine.

Can we all agree on these simple premises?

Also, George & Dean, I like the idea of a new ribbon. Instead of a rubby ducky, Groucho will wear the new ribbon, if/when y'all devise it.




Are you too young to remember the "Rubber Duck" wit the Monopoly 100?

Also, I do not see your 3 statements of hard fact* to be premises, unless you wish to extend the argument.

*except that everybody dies of course, but we know what you meant.

Michael Geiger

Dear Richard Jefferys reminds me of the gay version of a Jewish Guard at Auschwitz. "Go on in and take a shower my friends, it's really quite lovely in there".

As much as he has now read of the dissident side, it is unfortunate that even though he is at this point well aware that he has been duped, his ego can not allow him to admit it. That my friends, is called "Self Preservational Denial to protect ones self from Shame and Guilt". I can't say I really blame him. After all, how many people listened to him and are now dead and departed. How many listened to him and are now disfigured with lypodystrophy. How many needed liver transplants.

Thank you Richard, you are certainly my hero! I guess if my hands were as dirty as yours are, it would be difficult for me to admit to my own culpability as well. Maybe you could simply say, "Gee fellas, Oy was just bloomin kiddin about takin all the bloody medicayshuns. Oy didn't think you were actually gonta listen to a bloke loyk me".

For all of those interested, a lovely picture and history of our dear Auschwitz guard type of friend, Richard Jefferys can be found at the following link:


Lest we forget why I am here.

Thanks to a little help from the administration at the AIDS Wiki, I have been able to provide a very rare drawing by Delbruck's wife, Manny, illustrating the very model of a Homo scientificus, according to Beckett, according to "the one and only, never to be repeated" Max.




And in case anybody thought I was fooling around.

What Max is at great length and pains to provide in that wonderfully instructive essay is *not* that scientists should sit around and devise intricate iterations of sucking stones. Not at all. What he is most emphatically saying is that his analogy represents the real, scientific mind at work, and even when applied to a grave problem (like AIDS was perceived to be at one time)unless the Homo scientificus accoding to Beckett posture and attitude are maintained, the practice of the scientist reduces to what Hank likes to call "bean-counting" and worse, to the "moral truths" of Moore.

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