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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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July 24, 2006


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"We don't publicize our successes, but if you did you would be surprised at how helpful you and your fellow Bloggers have been to us. In reality, as I say, the real fight is being fought elsewhere. You guys just don't realize it - yet."

Hank, who are the "WE" Mr. Moore refers to? Fellow scientists? If so, he mentions them fighting...fighting for what? And what are these "successes"? Are they medical successes? It would be obvious if there were. I'm guessing if they exist at all, he's talking about PR successes.

So, this is about a FIGHT. Strange, I thought it was about helping people. He and his "WE" can fight all they want. I want to help people, help them out of this horrible medical nightmare.



Exactly. They are fighting to get more drugs to more people. Period. However, they are oblivious to the notion that more drugs may make matters worse.



Stop being cruel to AIDS babes, Hank. At least leave them a shred of tattered dignity.

He certainly is a faithful reader of your blog. Cannot imagine why he would want to deny it. The reason is surely that those who stand on a deep fault line must pay attention to know when the quake comes.

The rumbling seems to be getting louder and louder, John. Well, just cling to Bob. He is good in emergencies. We were once stuck in an elevator with him for 40 minutes and he behaved very well.


Nice going, Hank. What do you think, could we get as much mileage out of Tony Fauci?
Hatchet Day is drawing near, you know.


I recently heard from a student of a former colleague the following explanation for why the (often strenuously) peer-reviewed papers of Duesberg must be wrong: If they were not, then they would have persuaded the majority of scientists.

Simple. Incontrovertible. Idiotic.

Perfect for Moore to add to his "Johnny One Note" arsenal of argument.

David Crowe

I wonder what Moore has in store for us. Are we all going to be rounded up as terrorists for attempting to spread a virus we don't believe exists? (or maybe we really do believe it exists, but being scientific psychopaths, we're trying to encourage people to spread it around). I just hope when the big shot dissidents get arrested that I do too because, after all, this is only an attention getting device (questioning AIDS, that is) and I'd hate not to get the attention of others!


David Crowe,

Hah! I have 2 good friends at home who ain't gonna let ole' Hank get rounded up by nobody!



Hank et al.

This quartet+ has been "moore" fun than a barrel of gp120-treated monkeys, and free of scatological or other unseemly innuendo too. Thanks.

BTW, here is my favorite "negative" review. It has the virtu of being written by someone who evidently read the book, as against the Moore/Mario/Manny show, although it is not nearly as amusing (nor useful to the sale's reps at PGW).

"13 of 30 people found the following review helpful:

difficult to read for the layman,

July 24, 2005
Reviewer: G. Federico

it requires a lot of effort if it should be read by a person without the background in the subject. i couldn't get much out of it."

Johnny B.

No question it's a difficult read for the complete layman. But if your interest in the subject is high enough, you will wade through the science (absolutely necessary to establish the veracity of the assertions) and in so doing will come across dozens of golden nuggets that any layman can grasp.

Certainly, all of the "political" aspects of AIDS, as presented by the author are well within the grasp of any reasonably intelligent reader. And one must assume a reasonably intelligent reader when he/she is interested enough to pick the book up.

I wonder if perhaps the reviewer didn't really read the book, and simply tried and gave up and then wrote the review. I will go to Amazon and see if that was the entire review.

Stephen Davis


Jerry McGuire said “SHOW ME THE MONEY!”

I would only start to listen to people like John Moore if they gave up their cushy government salaries and grants that eliminate any possibility of objectivity on this issue. Of course, that will never happen. Meanwhile, they have a serious conflict of interest.

When I was in the state senate, I was prohibited by law from voting on a bill in which I had a financial interest. It was called the Sunshine Act, and it was a good idea. It would be a good idea for Moore and company as well, to introduce some ethics into their actions.

Moore & Co. are part of a medical monolith that today receives over 1 BILLION dollars annually in the U.S. alone to keep the HIV=AIDS hypothesis in place. As Peter Barry Chowka recently said ( ...

“It is simply incredible that the biggest part of the $2 trillion-a-year business of American medicine (in terms of government-funded research and public and private infrastructure) is HIV/AIDS-related, particularly when one considers that AIDS, according to government figures, currently accounts for about 15,000 deaths a year in the U.S., versus over 500,000 from cancer and almost 700,000 from heart disease. In fact, AIDS isn't even on the list of the top ten causes of death in the United States. Yet, federal spending on HIV/AIDS dwarfs the amounts of money spent on cancer and heart disease – not to mention lower profile diseases like diabetes, which kills at least five times as many Americans every year as AIDS.”

(TO: John Moore... I'm Stephen Davis, author of WRONGFUL DEATH: The AIDS Trial, Come get me!)

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