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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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July 17, 2006


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noreen martin

Hank, I believe that about twice the number you quoted die from legalized drugs every year in this country or I have heard it stated that it is comparable to 3 plane loads full of passengers dying from a plane crash each day.

This whole Aids charade is like the fairy tale of the emperor's beautiful clothes, everyone saying how beautiful they were, when in fact he was naked. Everyone afraid to speak the truth. Thank goodness that the rethinkers are telling the truth and saying that the aids emperor is standing stalked naked!


Hey, I'm just askin' questions, Noreen:)



Dr. Brown makes some interesting observations about the red ribbon.

I found the cult of the red ribbon to be as disturbing as any cult. I saw it as a powerful and rigid group-think. It came at a time when this ("AIDS") began unraveling for me.

I had two friends (partnered) that had recently been diagnosed "HIV postive". Both had absolutely normal health up until the "diagnosis". One of them started to become ill almost immediately after being pronounced "positive". His partner wouldn't show any signs of illness until he began to take AZT. When both of them began taking AZT, their health declined rapidly.

I compared this to another friend of mine that had been diagnosed for about six years at that point. He hadn't taken any AZT and was living in normal health (he's still with us 20+ years later, no "AIDS drugs", btw).

One of the facets of the red ribbon campaign (cult, as far as I'm concerned)is that it seemed to harden the minds of those who wore it. For the wearers, it was a way to proudly proclaim "I don't question, I don't think for myself", "come join us".

The discrepancies I was observing between the few people in my life who were "diagnosed" were getting ME to think. All the while, the red ribbon campaign was there to tell us not to think, to join those who don't question.


Dan, that's a great powerful story. Very sad. The stigma of the HIV+ designation breaks down your will -- then the drugs break down your body. But, let's blame it on a chimpanzee virus.

I think I need to interview you like I did with Noreen Martin. If interested, e-mail me at [email protected]



Lovely piece - where's it from? Not at the Rockwell site, as far as I could see?

Is the hypothesis/theory of a multiverse falsifiable?

Well, we're getting into the realm of the truly thoughtful, now. 'What is life, what is the source of life, what is infinity?'

Dresden and Nagasaki - yes, often questioned. How do know when you've broken a powerful, violent and self-possessed aggressor's back in a life-or-death struggle, when the aggressor is a nation?

This goes to the assumption that breaking a people is necessary in such a situation, in order to then allow them to rebuild, with your assistance, using your economic/political model as a guide and as the leader.

This is the justification (and the natural response) in heightened, prolonged war - see Sherman's March as the example for how to break a people's fighting spirit.

And to WW2:

Was Japan ready to capitulate after Hiroshima? Would the spirit of the people continued to seek redress for the many harms inflicted by the Allies?

The same question goes to the German people in the same war. Dresden, the inferno, the peacable city, by all accounts, annhiliated in a hell on earth.

Read "A Single Column of Flame" for more.

Questions, questions.

The least correct question in the piece though, is this one, and I'm going to have to shuck all of your ears for it:

"The largest study of heterosexual transmission of HIV in America showed "no seroconversions." If a lotta HIV positive folks have sex with a lotta HIV negative folks, yet not one single person contracts the virus, Well, what does that tell you?"

Nope. The largest study on transmission of HIV never measured any particular virus at all, because putative HIV tests do not locate or measure virus. They grab onto non-specific and undetermined elements in a cellular soup, that sometimes foment an antibody response with the test materials.

In some persons, these non-specific responses are labelled as 'true positives' - that is, if the person belongs to a marginalized group - black, gay, african, indian, drug abuser -

If not, the non-specific reaction is understood as such (or marked 'false-positive), and the patient is released to the wild world to live freely, as men and women should. More than not, of course, we just don't test these people, because too many 'false-positives' reduces the propaganda value of the tests in the public mind.

So, good piece, but lets really get down to it, and stop talking about there's a 'there, there.' (as the lady writer said).

PS - any cure for what ails Terror Smith's blog? It's turned into a denialist haven! The libel and vicissitudes flow, but all reasonable questions are Denied!


Got it - your piece, just referencing Brown's -

Very nice!

Well, I'll shuck your ears on Padian then. I think we have to get past the idea that it means anything, because we know that it doesn't based on the exceptional volume and clarity of literature pertaining the the tests:

Any takers?



Hmmm. Provocative comments, as usual. Padian is great piece of the scientific puzzle, because one can argue on orthodox terms. Even if your tests are accurate, you still transmitted no virus to anyone.


I tweaked Groucho, gave him a ribbon. Gimme some feedback!!!!!



Maybe it's time to quit debating the "scientists". They're corrupt.

They argue against too many obvious deal-breakers.
1. Gallo found "HIV" in only 36% of his AIDS patients, and his "finding" of "HIV" is dubious at best.
2. Padian found no seroconversion. End of story. End of "epidemic".
3. "HIV" tests are non-standardized and non-specific, and have no gold standard.

If those we call "scientists" can argue against these deal-breakers, then we're not dealing with reason and logic. And we're also not dealing with an "epidemic".

There are more deal-breakers, but all you need is one.

It's time to take the toys away from the boys on this issue. They don't want to admit they're wrong, fine. We need to take this to the people!


Know what you mean, Dan.

Those who call out "denialist" in the face of the citation of any apparent contradiction to their pet rock n' roll circus of spiralling doom (what did he say?) - to any plank of the sinking ship called the HMS Fauci -

Well, they've truly made up their minds. And a closed mind is a terrible thing to encounter.

I've tried to tell the Terribles over there at the Snakepit that we (at least I) don't care if they continue their vain vein of research -

They're just going to have to move their asses over and let in the rest of us, and may the best lines of inquirey, research and pro-active activity lead the day.

It's fair, democratic, and quite the American Way, but they can't seem to get their muddy thinking around the notion that they shouldn't be the only kids on the block allowed in the sandbox.

So, you're right. F-em.

I like the ribbon - I like Groucho too. Can you have both?

Can you keep the ribbon post in the ribbon thread?

Can you put the ribbon in appropriate threads, and out of unrelated stuff?


It's time to broaden the scope of the "debate".

We've debated with those involved with HIV research, presented them with the fatal flaws to their beloved paradigm, yet they stand firm with their dogma.

Let them be. No need to mollycoddle them. Let's take this over their heads, to those who actually wield far greater power, the people.

Without our (the people's) consent on this issue, it never would have gotten off the ground. They need us. They need our consent, believe it or not.

I'm not so certain that for them to continue their research is a good thing, if that research involves poisoning people with AZT and nevirapine. The only thing gained by that is to show the world that these researchers have lost their humanity.

noreen martin

Hey, you'll, that's southern for you all, make some valid points. It's great to communicate with each other and just about impossible with those with closed minds. We have to get to to the people. Let's have a march or something that will attract media attention.

I just had lunch with 2 open-minded, environmental doctors and they were unaware that there was any disagreement. However, one knew that Peter Duesburg did not agree. We have got to unite and press forward before another 5,10 or 20 years of this paradign goes by. Anybody have any good ideas as how to proceed?


Wilhelm Godschalk

Hank, as you may know, we have a dissident AIDS website and forum in the Netherlands too. Hadewey, our administrator and artist in residence had her own vision of the red ribbon. You can see it in the righthand upper corner of the website:

I think this picture tells the whole story right there.




Funny! Hey, whaddya think about the Margulis review on Amazon above thread? Did you ever work with her?




A number of ways to proceed...

First, we need to own our point of view on this subject. We sometimes spend time apologizing for having a different view than the orthodoxy.

Let those around you know your views. Grassroots activism. It looks like you already do that:)

Utilize the internet. More people can be reached through the internet than a march that will be forgotten in fifteen minutes. As far as the media are concerned, they're not about to admit they've helped lead us down this horrible path for so long. I wouldn't count on them to change tack at this point.

Take the power away from those who are abusing it, and CALL them on it! There are a LOT of bullies out there that tell you you have no right to question this because you don't have a PhD in virology, biochemistry, epidemiology and such. They spend time and energy attempting to disempower "dissidents" and disallow them their experience concerning "AIDS". TAKE AWAY THE POWER THEY ARE ABUSING AND OWN YOUR REALITY!

Wilhelm Godschalk


No, I never worked with Lynn Margulis. I used to know a few people at Amherst, though, when I was at UVa.
I think her review in Amazon is great. Many of her ideas can be found back in the writings of Stefan Lanka.

Sorry I've not posted more on this site, but I'm still not used to the lay-out.


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