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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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July 25, 2006


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I was going to leave this comment in the pevious thread, but this one seems as good, maybe even better.


I have been following you around the blogs for a while in my regular perusals of the "AIDS wars", and I have refrained from leaving a comment anywhere previously for a large number of reasons. But I think the time has come to break my self-enforced silence (and shyness) to make the following observation.

Although dissident spokespersons appear to delight in invading unfriendly (to them) blogs and making trouble upon troubles for the blogmeisters and their companions in delusion, I have not been able to detect even a meagre counter-offensive from them here (with the exception of a Dick Jeffreys, and even he appears to have given up the fight).

I cannot help but wonder, since Professor Moore has such a vast army of supporters, and since he so clearly has been reading at least the recent posts, why not one has shown up here to defend the "moral truths" of the NY Times op. ed. editorialist and Pharma whore?

Stephen Davis

American Invention to Discourage Sex! I love it! I also like Acute Intervention to Denigrate Sex, or Addled Intention to Disparage Sexuality.

I want your readers to know that I am offering to send a FREE CD to anyone who is HIV-Positive with an interview I did (July 15th) on the Health Radio Network, along with a friend and former HIV/AIDS counselor in San Francisco. It's called "HIV Blood Tests: Shoddy Science, Bad Medicine," and we cover a number of salient points about the ELISA and Western Blot tests, especially false positives, and the HIV medications.

This CD is not copyrighted, and I hope it will be copied and distributed widely in an effort to get this information to as many HIV-Positives as possible. These are the ones who we need to remember are the true, present-time victims of this insanity.

Anyone can preview this interview at Then, if any of your readers want me to send them a copy of this CD, or send it to someone they think should hear it, simply email me at [email protected] with a mailing address. The CD is free.

Johnny B.

Those could all have been 3 good separate stories! Anyway, keep drumming away Hank. Despite what Moore says, he DOES care what your blog and others are saying because it IS making a difference in peoples views - at least to the point of making them THINK about it. As you well know, this is entirely the case with me. I never really gave the topic a second thought until I wandered into Smith's blog and found you and Professor Harvey Bialy.

It's time to go beyond the talking though. Professor Duesberg has devised falsifiable tests of his hypothesis. They MUST be funded. There must be a DEMAND, as you say, from all of us that the science be done. If Professor Duesberg is found to be incorrect, so be it. I'll live with that science. But with so many unanswered questions, the science is demanded and if you are a REAL SCIENTIST, even one who believes the current model to be correct, you should LEAP at the opportunity to participate. That's what science is all about.

Let's find out what the truth is - whether we like it or not.



Welcome, Sir! Don't worry about silence and shyness, either. You're free to speak your mind here.

Stephen Davis,

Great stuff, great book! I heard one of your radio interviews, the other day with Doc Watson -- very impressed.

Johhny B,

Perfectly stated. Couldn't have said it better myself;) Let the scientific chips fall where they may!

Who's afraid of falsifying an opinion, anyway?

Johnny B.

Yes, but mine wasn't just a rhetorical primeval cry in wilderness. I expect YOU to get something started in this direction!

Johnny B.

By the way, I'm working my way through Stephen's enlightening interviews. I have to say that I'm not into the "natural health" solution to everything, but I don't think the forum Stephen used to get his message out should be held against him. Anyway, I recommend using the link he provided in cut and paste form.

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