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August 10, 2006


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noreen martin

Hank, lovely parable. It encompasses Aids quite nicely, like the current paradigm, it doesn't give the option for use of water only. Hank's parable assumes that there are weeds in the garden and it there were a few, certainly there are more natural means to get rid of the nasty little buggers without harming the beauty of the garden.

Johnny B.

Right on, Noreen. Sometimes we just have to do the harder thing if we want to best results. Will weed killer kill weeds? Most of the time, unless you are using a poison that is really geared to a different species of weed. Then it becomes more than useless, as it kills (as Hank says) things you don't want to die. So sometimes you just get down there with the flowers, get your hands dirty, sweat a little, and pull out anything you don't want in your beautiful garden.

Not that I had any allegorical thoughts while writing this.

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