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August 26, 2006


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Johnny B.

You know he's just working the crowd, Hank. "Hey, you guys know all those great drugs we've being creating? Well, unless you give us a break, stop regulating us, give us some incentives, stop fining us, well... we just won't be able to save your lives anymore". Big Pharma ain't going nowhere, anymore than Big Energy is, or the Military/Industrial Complex. And no, I'm not suddenly being paranoid. It's just the reality of big business.

noreen martin

Wow, then we all might have to go back to more natural ways of treating our ills, what a concept! I wonder how many lives would then be saved?

Have you noticed all the ads for drugs on television? Why would the drug industry advertise to people who cannot prescribe drugs for them? After having wined, dined and free cruises for the docs, now they are going through the back door to the unsuspecting public. Do you ever listen to their drug advertisments and all of the obnoxious side effects? Make one wonder why anyone in their right mind would ask one's doctor to prescribe them.

Johnny B.

Some guy who can't get an erection will put up with a lot to find a remedy. And the drug companies know that if you demand that your doctor give it to you and he refuses, you are just going to go to another doctor who will.

noreen martin

Reminds me when mothers told their children not to masturbate as they would go blind. Now, thanks to all these new, sex drugs the possibility is real. I can't image wanting to have sex at will at the risk of blindness.

Johnny B.

It's a "guy thing"!

Johnny B.

I mean - not for ME, but that's what Hank told me.

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