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August 19, 2006


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Celia Farber

Biernbaum's words here are very haunting. Pharma Bawd is a voice I know so well, and yes, it is a voice that actually, in spite and in fear, insists upon, (if not wishes) DEATH.

This is an act of violence against all HIV positive people.

Mark Biernbaum is right to oppose it with all his might and he is right to be angry.

And the lack of curiosity is the very thing that has pitched the world into this ghastly death pit. Learned Hand once wrote:

"The spirit of liberty is the spirit that is never too sure that it is right."

Celia Farber

And what is President Mbeki's great crime?

That he had questions. For that he will never be forgiven by the world's white. liberal press, who are at him again today in tones that have made my blood run cold. I'll post them here later.

Gene Semon

Kudos to McDonald for directing us to Ella DeCann, who interrupted the big yawn in Toronto with a quite relevant (and therefore evaded) question.

Although they appear to be ignorant regarding matters epistemologic, it may be a mistake to consider them “naïve positivists” due to their constant injunction of the authority of experimentalists as the voice of “science”. The naïve ones are the journalists who fall for this scam.

And so we shouldn’t underestimate the skills of our heroic acolytes in this one significant area, namely, better spin doctoring. This was the object of the roundtable “Science and Responsible Journalism” in which DeCann so ungraciously interjected herself. Nathan Geffen makes this clear, "(T)he point that we are making here is that it’s for the scientific community to correct errors that result from that. The role of journalists is to explain science but also to expose or to publicize fraud and dishonesty or even a failure of ethics when it occurs in science … That’s the role of journalists as I see it. I might be wrong on that." Here's where he gives the game away. "A journalist or a media house doesn’t have the skills or the knowledge to overturn scientific consensus on a particular issue."

Clearly journalists are to be “compartmentalized” stenographers when it comes to the coverage of science in the AIDS INC scheme of things. It is precisely the take-away message from this “roundtable” that “media organizations” are not to stray beyond “legitimate peer review”, i.e. by the pronouncements of (I would call them) glorified technicians that make up the HHS funded HIV Research Community.

The obvious idea that media organizations could hire qualified consultants, if necessary, to get to the bottom of a technical debate, is, of course, horrifying to the new propagandists of the Biotech Security State. Bishop John Moore’s evasion and condemnation of DeCann (for being “controversial”) was right in character.

Michael Geiger

Once the conference ended Friday, the 24,000 Vipers of HIV/AIDS packed all their bags and the flights began leaving Toronto.

I wonder what movie was playing on board most of the flights out.

I think "Snakes On A Plane" certainly would have been the most appropriate!

What perfect timing to choose the closing night of the AIDS conference for the opening weekend of THIS film. uuuugggghhhh!

Mark Biernbaum

Something that Celia wrote strikes me as very important:

And the lack of curiosity is the very thing that has pitched the world into this ghastly death pit. Learned Hand once wrote:

"The spirit of liberty is the spirit that is never too sure that it is right."

I am angry at Pharma Bawd because she failed to see that she had anything at all to learn from
HIV+ people, like myself and Noreen.

I am also angry when I see the generally benign and kind hosts of sites like Barnes-Ville and NAR censor opinions that they/we don't like/agree with/deem difficult. We should be only about the truth, and the truth in the wide-open, nothing hidden, nothing censored. We have to be better than what it is we are opposing, which is no less that an immense pathology of science in modern times. We cannot argue against this pathology while also censoring the opinions of others. That is not a possible choice. We either are totally uninterested in censorship, or we too become part of that pathology of science.

David Crowe

An interesting thing about Laurie Garrett and the infamous session on censoring the press at the XVI AIDS Fest ... she called Gallo a "Science god", criticizing John Crewdson for spending so much time unearthing Gallo's shenanigans.


At the time Crewdson was working on his gallow's humor book of revelations, I had the opportunity to speak to the illustrious author a time or two, as I understand did Prof. Duesberg (and at length). In one form or another we each conveyed to him the clear idea that he was writing a book about a man who stole a *fake* Hope diamond, and that it might be a much more interesting and popular story than the one he was going to such pains to tell.

Nobody ever listens.


Dr. Biernbaum,

I am very distressed that I find my self having to write even these few words to your comments regarding censorship, which are themselves both untrue and distracting.

Do you not understand that this is a *moderated* forum, and the moderator is only doing his job by deleting ONLY off-any-possible-point, troll-like (I believe is the blogosphere idiom) comments (not commenters)? This is NOT censorship, and is COMMON practice on the better blogs.



McK is not responsible for comments on this blog or any other blog submitted under the name of pontiac.

Submitted at 10 AM

David Crowe

272 new AIDS cases in 2005 in Canada (actually 279 based on the document I'm reading) ... but only 59 "Reported deaths among reported AIDS cases by year of death". And those aren't all from AIDS, just deaths among people reported with AIDS, perhaps from a traffic accident! But, hold on, there were 440 "Deaths attributed to HIV infection by year of death" in 2003 (by contrast there were 152 deaths among reported AIDS cases that year).
The 2005 survellance report says "Deaths attributed to HIV infection will include some HIV-related deaths of patients who did not meet the Canadian AIDS case definition, although their death certificate indicates that they died as a result of HIV infection. This may occur if there has been no AIDS defining illness, or if there is no record of an AIDS defining illness even though one may have been present."
Huh? What do you die of when you die of HIV but not AIDS? Doesn't HIV cause AIDS? Let me guess, you die of drug poisoning (AIDS drugs to be precise).
An observant political geographer would note that Canada's population is about 1/9th that of the US, yet per-capita HIV/AIDS rates are one-half to one-tenth (depending on the statistic). I guess that invisible border between our two great nations is not only keeping the terrorists out, but also the virus. Or maybe HIV doesn't like the cold winters.

David Crowe

One more thing, I think events like the recent schmozzle in Toronto should be called "Festerings", as in the "XVI International AID$ Festering". As Spenser said in 1596 "Inward corruption and infected sin...And Festering sore, did rankle yet within" [Moore, Geffen and other whiners would be the "Festering sore" I imagine]. Or Johnson in 1654: "Lest from their Festering teeth a gangrene grow". Or Carlyle in 1843: "Drain off the sour Festering water" [Who's more sour than Moore?].

noreen martin

Mark, someone made the astute statement that those on the anti-virals will die and so will those not on them, plus the Pharma Lady and everyone else. I cannot imagine going through life with such negativism, especially in the medical field. This reminds me of an old, Peter and Gordon song - I don't care what they say I won't stay in a world without love - and I would add hope to the equation!

noreen martin

Mark, I believe that Aids is probably like cancer, for instance, that one goes through certain phases such as denial, anger, hope and then on to recovery. Maybe you are in the anger stage. I went through this with my doctors, mate and others and would get so angry that they couldn't see or listen to the truth. Thank goodness, I have passed through this and now read some of the ridiculous things concerning Aids and can laugh about it all. Bottom line, don't let anyone rock your boat!

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