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August 21, 2006


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Well, in Boston, AIDS is Incredibly mutagenic, indeed.

It even causes death by car accident, and suicide....


"One should note that the death data presented in this analysis include all deaths among people reported with AIDS in Massachusetts. This includes deaths from *non-HIV related causes* such as:

*motor vehicle crashes,
*drug overdoses,
*and suicides.

Therefore, the total number of annual deaths reported here will vary slightly from the number of HIV-related deaths reported in Massachusetts Deaths by the MDPH Bureau of Health Statistics, Research and Evaluation."

Woooowww...that is Mutagenic!

noreen martin

Can somebody please fill me in on how "the virus multiples continously at high levels" and it cannot even be detected in human blood without the help of laboratory technicians and even then it doesn't amount to a hill of useless beans?

Hank, we must use and add too what David Baltimore said, "we may live in a world where our only protection is educating people to protect themselves". well, he has that 100% right! We must educate ourselves against this injustice and faulty science.


I don't know, I think Pope David is right on target! And probably for the first time ever! HIV is as sugar coated of an always mutating virus as you could ever want. The entire HIV/AIDS situation is an absolute sugar coated and always mutating cloud. It has mutated and spread and mutated and spread, all over the planet!

This sweet little bug is responsible for a never ending stream of money galore fundraisers. Several mutations are padding the pockets of thousands of researchers, thousands of doctors, thousands of pharma stock holders. Many other mutations have even given thousands of HIV AIDS diagnosed persons an early retirement with a check of the month club Social Security check, free medical and dental, free housing and more. All in all HIV has mutated into more sugar coated perks all around than Lucille Ball's old 1950's model percolator coffee maker. Mmmm-mmmmhhh.

Toronto was nothing if not a big old festival of 25,000 unstoppable sugar addicts craving their next sugar coated binge. And I do mean craving. These hard core sugar addicts just can't get enough!


The scandal Baltimore was talking about there was his own disaster, not Gallo's, wasn't it? I believe so.


"But the virus always seems to figure out a way around anything that we come up with."

That HIV...*always* thinking!


Seems you've read and understood the post correctly Mr. McK - from a science basis there isn't a lot of there there. And now that I've said it as well, there's at least three there.

Gene Semon

What amazes me is this guy is supposed to be our leading scientist and now he's clearly telling us, as he's about to retire, that he can't "science" his way out of a paper bag.

Dan hits it right on the nose, like all the other "explanations" for the "behaviour" of what is only a nucleic acid template with a coat of proteins, Baltimore is forced to invoke teleology. Notwithstanding its banishment from modern science, the wool is still pulled over the journalistic eye, forcing US to appreciate the majestic skills of Pope David.

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