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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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August 25, 2006


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Jeffrey Cooper

You are right about DeAngelis' tireless efforts to raise standards in scientific journals. I probably don't go (nearly) as far you, Mr. Barnes, but so much rides on favorable outcomes of drug trials, that commercial interests do tend inch their way into controlling the process.

But, what's the solution?

Johnny B.

Seems to me that the problem here lies more with the government than with the drug companies.

I wouldn't expect ANY company (science based or not) to necessarily look out for my best interests. The reality of making money works too much to the contrary. I do expect government agencies to do their jobs and DEMAND that the research either backs up the claim or the company is sent back to the drawing board.

Fortunately, a lot of science that gets to the consumer is not life/death or even health related. But when it is, ESPECIALLY, we have to expect some rigorous investigation prior to it being made available. What's a doctor to think when the government has given it's righteous Seal Of Approval to a drug for X disease and a patient suffering from X comes to him in need? He/She will prescribe the drug. If His/Her annecdotal experience is that it was perscribed 5 times and worked each time then that, along with the Seal Of Approval, makes it "certain" that it is a good protocol for future such cases.

I'm not a huge fan of the government, but it has it's uses - or it SHOULD! Focus on the monetary connection between those in science and industry and those in politics. There lies your problem.

Celia Farber

Richard re-appeared today after being out of touch for a few days and I sent him to the thread, which I now see is closed. Can we start a new thread? Who is going to interview Richard? He has offered to tape record an interview and even transcribe it. Then it could be posted here.

Any volunteers? Is Mark still with us? Dan? Have we agreed it would be best to have the interview conducted by a gay man? I certainly think so.

Johnny B.

This is really none of my business - I'm just curious. WHY does it have to be a gay man? And of all the people who show up at Barnes-ville, isn't Celia Farber the most qualified person to do an interview? If you're too busy to entertain me, I quite understand. Again, just curious.


I think Celia is an obvious choice for an interviewer. Although it would be interesting to compare histories, experiences and perceptions from the "early days".

Celia Farber

Thank you. It's nice to think one's skills are wanted. I'd be quite happy to interview Richard but he is my close friend and we have been TALKING on and off tape for like 20 years. Part of me wanted somebody who hasn't been hearing all this amazing stuff and complexity enter into it. I said gay man because I wanted to avoid the possibility that a straight person wouldn't be as attuned? But Richard and I have many great talks and could easily have another one.

If I am elected, I will do it. I guess it's up to Mr. Barnes. Maybe HE should do it?

I'm a tired old mule, you know.


Welcome, Jeffrey Cooper!

"But, what's the solution?"

Good question. One proposed solution would be to hyper-scrutinize and even stigmatize all studies done by manufacturers of their own products. That should be a huge red flag. There should be an extra, extra, burden for those studies to pass muster.

That would be a good start.


Richard Berkowitz

It's weird to read the interest in interviewing me. Seems like only yesterday when graphic details about my sex life were reported on a gay cable TV show in an attempt to silence me after my first AIDS article appeared. When the truth makes gay men look bad, just design a flattering new one! Anyone with an open mind, and an appetite for human disaster, will do. Looking forward....

Johnny B.

Yes, Celia. I nominate you and Hank. Either one would be a good choice. Hank is not gay, but he is definitely attuned. Men with Gay-dar might even get a false-positive reading on him! :)

noreen martin

Johnny B, your assessment that the problem is with the government is correct, it's what is known as quality control. In the 60's we had a problem with this at our naval shipyards that is why we lost one of our nuclear submarines on a test run and all who were aboard.

The navy realizing that it had a serious problem, wisely instituted a quality control problem or an independent, inspection team which is in effect to this day. Since that time, the navy, nuclear program has one of the best safey programs in history.

Until the government gets serious and we insist better from our representatives the status quo will stay in effect. What do you think would happen if 200,000 Americans were killed by nuclear power plants? Wow, everyone of them would be closed. Why is not a second though given to the Vioxx scandal and so many more?
Because, the drug manufacturers can get away with it. There is no independent oversite, we have the fox guarding the hen house.

Mouth of the Yellow River

Ni Hao!

With the help of Big Pharma and the Demican and Republicrat party lines under different what they like you to think are opposing sermons (liberal v. conservative), the masses are right where Cord Meyer’s CIA planned for us to be—stoned, narcissistic, passive and supplicant to the masters:

It’s integrated into the culture and the world’s economies:

Like it’s labor force, America’s running on a mixture of legals and illegals, other countries on mostly illegal production for export (Columbia, Afghanistan, etc.), or welfare gifts (African countries).


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