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August 19, 2006


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Jose Morelos

Hola Sr. Hank

You and Sr. Liam rightly cry the answer to African AIDS is “water, food, infrastructure, development, investment” over social engineering and indirect genocide.

This guy’s apolitical small science, low tech, biotech approach described on the following series of links is a prototype, but few are listening.

Any hope for progress on this problem will have to be done by the usual quiet, self-sacrificing and dedicated minority who have pulled things out down through history from the idiocy of the powers that be and the masses that follow them. The current approaches of governments, and those like Billy (Gates) and Willy (Buffet) will only make things worse as they have already proven.



Welcome Jose!

Good insights -- keep 'em coming.



Hey Jose. Thank you!

The links to the work of Dr. Sato in Africa are inspiring. My own personal opinion, is that wherever there is "apathy", or a sense of helplessness or hopelessness, life will not sustain itself. Much of the third world's poorer peoples live in this self fulfilling state of being. When one is only looking at the hopelessness of a situation, they can not see the possibilities of other options.

In South Africa, it is wonderful to see the great minds of men such as Mandela, Mbeki, Mngadi, and others, rise up against that tide of apathy, to lift their people beyond it. And fortunately, these gifted men have an inner sight that shows them more possibilities than just the "war mentality" of bodily treatments that much of traditional science and medicine of the west offers.

Croft Woodruff

Stephen Lewis is a sincere Canadian socialist do gooder - the most dangerous kind of person. Lewis, unfortunately, cannot get it through his head that medicine, science and the health bureaucracy are highly vulnerable to bias.

Failure to check original research has proven to be deadly.

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