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September 14, 2006


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noreen martin

A well articulated article, what a great professor, he will be greatly missed. The above, 19 page article nicely spells out the situiation.

In the introduction, Emily J. Ho, editor of Yale Scientific, Fall 1994, states, Aids has replaced cancer as the disease which calls for the most attention. This is very true although the number of Aids cases per year do not justify this in relation to other, life threatening diseases. One other brillant comment by the editor, before we can understand the facts and essences of the issues, we must engage actively in discussions and debates. This has not happened.

Professor Serge Lang nicely sums up the fallacy of HIV being the cause of AIDS.

Also, One referene to a comment from a lone crusader at the National Institue of Health, Haverkos in SPIN:
"We use to think we knew that everyone is at equal risk for HIV and AIDS, and that a heterosexual epicemic was inevitable. But the epidemiology of AIDS has yet to prove consistent with that view..."

Great work, Hank the Tank, as George calls you!

Rebecca Culshaw

I can't resist these edtiorial comments to the "boorish and Moorish" letter you just reproduced:

*Notice* how poorly written it is? "on the other hand" - what was the first hand? Also notice how they throw around words like "absurd", "dangerous" and then claim that this theory kills many people - like a *theory* can kill anyone.

The pundits, both real and self-imagined, are always after us mathematicians to be interdisciplinary, and it seems this is exactly what Lang was doing - now he gets criticized for it? Yikes.

Hank Barnes

We are delighted to see Doc Culshaw provide her always
incisive comments.

I e-mailed Drs. Humphreys and Ziegler asking them to explain the factual bases -- contained in the peer-reviewed literature -- that support their written description of Duesberg's HYPOTHESIS as "absurd, scandalous and dangerous".

Let's see how and IF they reply to 'ole, nobody, no degree Hank. :)

Dean Esmay

I'll look forward to linking this on Monday, where it'll get the traffic it deserves.

Although it's always been fascinating to me to watch people claim that mathematics isn't a science, or that mathematicians are not qualified to comment on HIV and AIDS, which are two assertions I've seen more than once from the HIVists. No, sorry folks, it's the other way around: if mathematicians check your math and find gross errors and sloppy thinking, then there's something wrong with what you're doing and you need to correct it.

We've spent more time and money on AIDS research than we did putting a man on the moon and there are still fundamental questions they can't give straight answers to. There is absolutely nothing wrong with everyday laymen, especially taxpaying laymen, asking and demanding better answers, greater accountability, and greater transparency.

Celia Farber

Esmay speaks to whatever is left of American Common Sense, and I salute his candor and courage.

One correction: More than NASA has spent putting every single person on the moon.

Where are the itals Barnes? get new software. Impossible to address HIV/AIDS sans italics.


Celia, view the source of this page and search for my name, and you will see the angle bracket codes required by HTML markup to make italic or bold text display.

BTW, I've been following your writings on these issues for over 15 years. I'm in awe at your doggedness, and hope to see the day that you receive widespread recognition for your efforts.

Celia Farber

Thank you Bernard; much appreciated.

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