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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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September 23, 2006


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Mouth of the Yellow River

Ni Hao! Kannichi Wa!

This guy has guts and deserves congratulations and support. This new generation of scientists and the rare individuals with ability to perceive together with personal courage is our hope of changing the course of the current giant scientific industry of waste and on the roadmap to nowhere particularly concerning AIDS and cancer research.

Given what happens to a senior scientist with the stature and track record of Duesberg regarding funding, ostracization and direct smear campaign, just think what happens to a beginning graduate student, postdoc or junior researcher with novel insight.

The problem is severe and pervasive from the top policy administrators down to those whose jobs depend on documenting trivia related to the twin dogmas that will be fundable and solidify their jobs, funding and careers..

From grad students and other research personnel serving the dogma of their PI’s, the PI’s serving the dogma by documenting their trivia related to it in order to please reviewers of papers and funding review panels (peers in particularly), there is little hope of support for any novel ideas in the near future by those best able to carry them out.

A dogma testing proposal in either the AIDS or cancer arena in a current NIH study section in the USA has the chance of a snowball in hell. Not so much because of the political correctness, agenda or bias of peer reviewers, but because of their ignorance, narrow background and training in the dogma.

Such is generally true of any innovative ideas but particularly in the areas of AIDS and cancer as Duesberg has brought to attention of the industry.

This story does give us hope for the future however resistant the problem.



Grad. Student,

I can only join the Mouth of the Yellow River in wishing you more benzene for your engines and wind to your sails.

You give jaded and cynical 'ole me some hope as well.



you appear to be turning up the volume here lately. Good work!!

Henry H. Bauer

Grad student:

Right on. Get yourself graduated and a tenured position before you openly attack the powers that be.

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