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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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September 28, 2006


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noreen martin

Aah, the foolishness of man or woman. I wonder how much money we will be wasted on a non-pandemic bird flu? Do these people sit around and make up new and names and treatments for things which never existed in the past, for instance, restless leg syndrone. I have this some times, I think that I will rush right out to the doctor and get a pill, right!

More and more things are given names to make them sound serious, acid reflux disease. Well, quit over-eating and wrong food combining and there will go this problem.

They are trying to make us all "victims" of something and take the responsibility of good, healthy living away from us. It's not your fault, therefore, you need a pill for the latest malady. Add the fact that we are bombarded wtih numerous tv commercials every day about medicines. One bright note, when my husband and I hear them, we have to laugh at the end where they tell of all the nasty side-effects which are always worse than the original problem.

America, wake up!


... restless leg syndrone. I have this some times, I think that I will rush right out to the doctor and get a pill, right!

Hey, that's weird! I have that too! Restless fist I call it. Every time I read things like "SARS epidemic", "Avian flu pandemic", "HIV, the virus that causes AIDS", etc, etc, etc, I wanna slam it into things, like tables or walls, and this inevitably causes severe and quite real pain and damage. What to do?
Do you know other people who experience difficulties controlling their muscles? Maybe we should report...

noreen martin

No way, JSpreen, let's don't give them any new ideas. We make humor of all this, but unfortunately, this is just how dumb it has become in America. We are conditioned to believe that a pill can cure everything. What ever happened to the old Excedrin headache #.... or the old plop, plop, fizz, fizz o what a relief it is commericials? At least these products are pretty safe.


Good morning Noreen,

Isn't it a sad, sad, sad world indeed when the nosolgia is for relatively innocuous chemicals, sold to us with jingles and gibberish.

Sigh. Sometimes I am *very* glad to be old (in years only, my dear, I assure you). But I also assure you that the expression, "You are only as old as you feel" is among those homilies that sounds better than it be.


As a retired doc, I have an Rx for your problem that bedevilled me for decades and caused me no end of griefs until I "hit" upon this simple prescription.

Whenever I felt the first stirrings of what I called "the clenched, spastic fist syndrome", I learned to reach for a small hammer kept always at the ready, and would give myself a sharp tap on the noggin.

Although painful, it was not nearly as painful as the advanced stages of CSFS.


What I'd like to know is how they determine that someone has "bird flu"? I mean, when they say "health authorities confirmed that the boy died of bird flu" or whatever, how are they determining that? The symptoms of "bird flu" are the same as the symptoms of ordinary flu, aren't they?

My guess is that they call it bird flu if the person "tests positive" on an H5N1 test. So then the question is, how and when was this H5N1 test ever validated by viral isolation? And when did anyone prove that H5N1 causes bird flu?

Deja vu all over again, as Yogi Berra (or was it Groucho) supposedly said.


Oops. I guess I saw your headline about deja vu and it stuck in my mind...sorry Hank!


Oops. I guess I saw your headline about deja vu and it stuck in my mind...sorry Hank!

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