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September 29, 2006


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Mouth of the Yellow River

Ni Hao! Kannichi Wa! Chikuso!!

Re: Harold Varmus believes that the project could "completely change how we view cancer"(1); Eric Lander argues that "knowing the defects of the cancer cell points you to the Achilles' heel of tumors"(1); and Francis Collins predicts that he "can confidently tell you that something will happen here"1.

Although to my knowledge, Collins is the only one of this triad that has been accused of having a “faith-based” personal view, all three in their support for this appear to be.

Varmus is correct, after the billions of support and effort on this empirical mindless data generation project at the expense of support and effort for individual novel hypothesis-based, dogma-testing individual investigator run projects, with 20-20 hindsight the view generally expressed here will emerge---it was all a waste and got us nowhere. At great cost, pain and suffering to the public.

Lander would be correct if he would reword his statement to "knowing the defects of the cancer cell points you to the Achilles' heel of the cancer research industry." But we don't need all the wasted effort and expense and predicted endless negative results to convince us.

Collins statement, well, take it for what it says. Truly, something will happen, a waste of effort and resources.

On a positive note, probably as contrarian AIDS theories, Dr. Miklos view is secretly expressed by true rational hypothesis-oriented and logically thinking scientists more than is obvious. But the juggernaut run by administrators and powerful scientific interests, ego and agenda represented by those like Varmus, and the sheep who worship their dogma that comprise the peer review system, publication and most importantly proposal review sections, for fear of losing their trickle down funding remain silent.

On a negative and more serious note, a generation increasing in numbers of technicians with Ph.D. (used to mean doctor of philosphopy, or wisdom) going under the guise of being scientists have been trained over the past 30 years or so. This generation now populates the scientific industry at all levels (particularly the socio-political platforms, administrative positions, and organizational bureaucracies) as well as permeates the peer review system. This large population out of basic ignorance and narrowness of scientific training without thinking will defend the dogma that feeds them until it breaks and they are forced to jump on the next bandwagon.


Note: All rules are flexible in the interests of interest. Hank

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