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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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September 16, 2006


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Alejandro Alagon

Regarding the source of the disturbing image.

It was indeed originally published as part of a French anti-SIDA campaign.

Here is what I know concerning its origin.

About 4 months ago, an article appeared in La Reforma with this surrealistic depiction of how many men (myself included at times) have felt after an amorous relationship. It was at the top of a story concerning "promising AIDS vaccines" :).

At the bottom of the article, a photo credit for the scorpion woman collage indicated exactly what is printed (in English) on the reproduction appearing at your link.

My colleague, Dr. Roberto Stock, exclaimed when I showed him the newspaper, "es la Demonización del sexo", and scanned it.

Since Dr. Stock is the translator of Dr. Bialy's account of the scientific life and times of Peter Duesberg, even JP Moore could probably deduce how Hank obtained his copy.

noreen martin

Nice buns, but that's about the only true thing in this picture as a sexual pandemic has not panned out so well.

Roberto P. Stock

I can imagine an infinitely perverse castrated catholic monk turned publicist making this ad to "educate" the young into the risks of sex. By comparison, the more abstract terrors of sulphur and flames for eternity - or endless unreachability à la Paolo e Francesca - are far less scary.

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