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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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September 26, 2006


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noreen martin

Very insightful comments. Yes, when it comes to business, we as a country, have sold ourselves out. Money talks, another old saying. It does make one wonder, if our government is dishonest in one thing, then how many more arenas are they dishonest about?


What a damn shame that I´ve been unable to enjoy all of the sexual experience. And how many of us that were terrified of that “one single encounter”. Shame on you Nancy Padian! Why the heck didn't you do your job before I started my sex life?

Padian did her job. Her study showed us that "HIV transmission" is a rare event.

noreen martin

I agree with Dan, go ahead and enjoy sex as many out here have one partner who is HIV+ and have not contracted the virus or Aids. My favorite saying is this, Aids is earned, it is an deficiency disease; it cannot be passed to another any more than a toothache can be passed to another.


Don't you think that people who need experts to tell them what to do and how to think are always going to get screwed (or not)?


In my usual ornry way, I need to differ somewhat with Dan and Noreen.

I think it is pretty clear that what our friend from the land that that NY doctor who got a million or so back in 1988 for being positive was from, and went back to, as I recall.

-- Anything ever in the papers or other forms of noticias, Marcos, about this Dr. "Mathilda who took the money and ran Argentina?" She was a celebrated needlestick "AIDS" case for a while. --

Anywho, it is clear that Marcos meant that Padian failed to do her job *properly*, since to this day she is an apologist and dissembler.

Had she given a press conference expressing even the most mild of surprises at her results, things might very well have been different.

Finally, I am surprised that none of the comments take note of the absolutely staggering bit of news (at least to me) that Marcos conveys -- namely the acquital of someone charged with negligent homicide on a defense based on reasonable doubt about the cause of AIDS.

Am I really daft, or is this not more cause for note than gratuitous "lectures" on how to conduct one's sex life?


LS: I´m not sure what you mean... But I can tell you that the whole world -and I´m part of it- was told to fear this thing. Since I ain´t no genious scientific mind as you may be, I had to do what the whole world was told to do. Excepting you, of course...

noreen martin

Touche George, do you have any ideas about how to get the mainstream news media to even acknowledge that there is a conflict going on? I have written and spoken to newspaper and television personnel, reporters and to anyone who will listen, but how do we get to first base? I am thinking about renting a billboard for a month to draw some attention.


Not really, Noreen. I am an old man, and weary from decades of fighting. But our young friend Doc Bialy and his even younger friend Dr. Brown have a whale of an idea that is very well described here:

(and nicely illustrated too)

noreen martin

George, you are only as young as you feel, besides I like you!


my comment about Padian was a bit tongue in cheek. If she had ANY integrity, she would be on "our side" of the debate.


Finally, I am surprised that none of the comments take note of the absolutely staggering bit of news (at least to me) that Marcos conveys -- namely the acquital of someone charged with negligent homicide on a defense based on reasonable doubt about the cause of AIDS.

I read that. I'm trying to figure out why it had no effect on me whatsoever. Maybe I'm just too f**king jaded by this whole charade sometimes. Maybe it's because it happened somewhere else, not here in the U.S. As incredible news as it is, it's distant and so far removed from life here. It's just par for the course, really. We should have heard about this on the evening news (if things were working the way they should be). BUT...if journalists were actually doing their job, we wouldn't be in this mess!

Thanks to Marcos, for bringing his insights. And let's not be shy about continuing to hammer away the good news from the Padian study! I've got to tell you folks...when it comes to one-on-one conversations about "AIDS", I find that people just don't know about simple things like the Padian study, or how the "HIV tests" work. You'd be surprised how quickly folks start warming up to rethinking once they've been exposed to information that they haven't heard before.

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