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October 23, 2006


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"We" have now discovered after performing a bit of Google assisted net-research that Nick Bennett (PhD, MD) is the single best credentialed (non anonymous) spokesperson the Church has ever produced to speak for it on the net.

Deacons who demand that arch-heretics write answers to their drivel, and not a single bishop with the balls to debate any of the dread denialists in a single forum one on one.

Trust you are reading this JPM.

And you too Bennett. If you wish to take on Dr. Dach one on one in a debate here that I will fairly moderate, simply leave a note as PB did in some other thread, and I will see it, or email me at the address linked here.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but for those who are new to what are locally referred to as the BW (blog wars):

The most visible other spokespersons for the vested interest AIDS, Inc (AIDS Church) establishment on the internet -- since this issue has been percolating through cyberspace after Dean Esmay and Doc Bialy opened the floodgates coming up on two years now -- have been:

A pharmaceutical rep who calls herself Pharma Bawd and sometimes Pharma Ditz and assorted spokesperons for "acitvist" organizations in the pockets of pharmaceutical companies.

The credentialed spokespersons are:

Tara Smith, a very young (even younger than me) assistant prof. of epidemiology at the U. of Iowa who runs a potpourri pseudo-science blog at the behest of SEED magazine called "Aetiology". No more need be said regarding her competence to instruct anyone about anything past a third grade level, simply visit her site.

Christopher Noble, a middle aged untenured statistics instructor at some university in the middle of Australia who has no publications of any kind in any peer reviewed journals.

And a bunch of anons:

Daf9/Dale - A total idiot whose pseudos can be easily found by mildly judicious use of one or another search engine.

trrll - I can do no better than reproduce a comment I found from an African brother, I think posting from western Nigeria (perhaps even from Ile-Ife itself) on NAR just a few minutes ago:

"objukwu (mail):

I found a priceless quote up there somewhere by the *doctor* (how's it going *doctor*) who has a name like somthing out of Lord of the Rings, which says, amidst a blizzard of vitriol aimed at Duesberg, that the mathematics of (this) disease, its epidemiology, is (precisely) worked out. (Something to that effect.)

Hey Doc, you been sniffing glue or something?

Can I fix you up with Donna Shalala?

Donna said 100 million (no order of magnitude error there) USA registerd voters would be infected with HIV by the year 2000 -- if they had driver's licences.

Do you know why there was no ice in Siberia? I ask everybody, just in case.

Why does Chris Noble go on and on and on and on like the Everready Bunny about predictions, did you give him meth?

Are you two guys in it together?

How much do you get paid? Did your agent get you the the same deal Chris got. Maybe your getting screwed.

10.23.2006 6:58am"

DT - A vet from Scotland who specializes in Haggis AIDS.

If I have omitted anyone, they or their representatives may write me and I will ammend the rogues gallery.

This thread will now be resealed.

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