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October 27, 2006


Harvey Bialy  Me_and_attila_4_2 An Invitation Finally Accepted, On Post-modern Virology and Politics, "I Remember Maddox", OK Discover Magazine, Discover This, The Cardboard Castles Collapse, The Countercultural Origins of Biotechnology, Conversation with a "Moore-ish" Physicist , On Behalf of Celia Farber, Politics and War Make for Strange "Bedfellows", Bruce Ames Keeps Up With The Times, GIGO, or Why HIV Antibody Tests in South Africa Are Worthless,The Sad Song of "Johnny One Note", or Professor Moore Explains Himself, "You Bet Your Life" Leads, Newsweek Follows, On Peter Duesberg, Budd Colby, Interferon and Biotechnology's Earliest Days, Some Connected Strands in the Tapestry of a Life

Alejandro Alagon  Alagon On: The Last Word On "Horizontal Transmission", Bringing Antivenoms to sub-Saharan Africa

Phillip J. Baird Bairdbio1 The Latest Surge in the War on Cancer - Tour de Force or Tour de Farce? 

Darin C. Brown 175pxdarinbrown_3 Why Owners of Ab+ Canines Need Not Be Concerned, "It Must be Jelly, 'cause Jam don't Shake like That": Darin Brown on "Viral Loads", "What time is it? You mean now?" - On correlation coefficients, viral loads and T-cell dynamics", The HIV House of Mirrors, Five More Nails in the Rodriguez Coffin, Why the Pods Play Along, 20 Unanswerable Questions for AIDS Inc., Defending Serge Lang from Defamation by a "Moore-ish" Mathematician

Rebecca Culshaw Culshaw_1_5 AIDS and Her Native Africa * Dear Dr. Culshaw: From the "Hate-Mailbox", It's a Wide World and "The Virus" is Everywhere, "Well, What About Those Tests?", What Is HIV Disease?, Sinking Scientific Standards, What is PEM and How Does it Concern HIV, AIDS and Africa?, What is "World" AIDS Day?, Is Mathematical Modeling of HIV Good for Anything?

Jeffrey Dach Jeffbestzz1 Descent into "Viral Load" Internet Hell, The Final Nail in the Rodriguez Coffin, Watermelons, CAT Scans and the Origins of HIV, Jeffrey Dach Says Bisphosphonate Drugs Are Creating a New Generation of Toulouse Lautrecs, Lipitor and the "Dracula of Modern Technology", Max Essex and "Virological Failure", It Rained All Week - Paxil, Prozac SSRI Induced Suicide, Part I, Part II

Max Delbrück (1906-1981) Images_12 Homo Scientifus According to Beckett

Edward Dorn (1929-1999)Ed Vira Untwists The Murch

Bob Doyle Mailgooglecom_4_2 Remembers His Days as a Mass. Asst. DA, Working for the Bobby Kennedy Presidential Campaign, His Days with Navy Intelligence, How The Brockton Bomber Learned to Float Like a Butterfly, Navy Intelligence, II, Remembering Mo Udall, Remembers the Carter Inauguration, Poppy Runs for Congress

Peter Duesberg Duesberg3_4 "Let's Test Everybody"  Website Information Request: An Italian Immunologist Asks for Help, Sweden Online, Porsche Boy Online, Small Solice for a Dr. in Detroit, AIDS in Africa, Website Information Request: Is Peter Duesberg Still Standing?, Am I An "Elite Controller"?, Questions from an African America, and Word Up, Oprah, Fauci in Florence?, "Why Make It Mandatory?", "Mein Gott! Could It Be the Gut?"

Elizabeth Ely Sunglasses_1_1 Circumcision and the African Male,  Inevitable Consequences, On the 1982 Film Noir Classic,"Café Flesh", Viagra + Crystal Meth.= Death, The Vagina Dialogue, HIV/AIDS and the "Hoi Polloi" -Let Them Eat Spam

Lee Evans 175pxleeevans1_2  "Let's Test Everybody", "Mom is Positive, and So am I", Time To Call Out Oprah, What Makes the World Go Round, How Quickly We Forget

Celia Farber Photo_11_2 Sunday Morning with Celia (and Søren): Drinks with a "Monstrous Nothing" * On The Language of Politics and Politicians, Dolores, Talking with Dr. Fishbein: "Everybody is Terrified", What Do We Mean, “Toxic HIV Drugs?”, "The (unexpurgated) Passion of Peter Duesberg", Moving AIDS to the Third World, On the Spirit of Christmas, Re: Incarnation Hell House, "The Dissolution of the Sting"

Michael Geiger [No Photo Available] Provokes:The Moore Declaration of War, Investigates the Activist "Whistleblowers", Educates The New Yorker's Michael Specter, Gives Everyone A History Lesson

Charles Geshekter Harvey_pict_charles_2 A Global Strategy Against "AIDS" Demands Evidence Not Emotion, A Letter to "The Guardian"

Neville Hodgkinson Neville AIDS in Uganda

Andrew Maniotis Andy_3 Vaccination is Hazardous to Your Children's Health, The Real AIDS Denialists, Living Longer, and Longer with AIDS, A Brief History of AIDS, Vaccines, Then and Now, A Global Strategy Against AIDS Demands Evidence not Emotion, Guinea Pig Kids, Letter to the BBC

Shelley McNeil: The Travesty of Canadian Justice and the Trial of Trevis Smith, Part I, Part II

George L. Gabor Miklos Miklos_2 The Cancer Genome Mega-Project, The Latest Surge in the War on Cancer - Tour de Force or Tour de Farce?

Anthony I. Okoh Dscf8899_1 The Trenches Are Not Empty

Jon Rappoport Rap_1 The "Tests": Now and Then and Now, Green Monkeys Charge Researchers with White-Coat Disease, The CEO of Galaxo Tells It like It is

Rodney Richards Richards_1_2 The Birth of Antibodies Equal Infection, Evolution of a Diagnosis, Part II

Liam Scheff Hi_1_2 The Incarnation Children's Center Tapes, The ICC Investigation: Conclusion - Thalidomide for Black Orphans

Harry Smith (1923-1991) Dscn3400_2_2  On Western Civilization & Science, Presents The Fugs on A History of AIDS Research

Charles Stein I_construe_1_2 And Another, Other Thing: The Roots of Money, "Everything is True by Inversion", The Lapsang Soochang Moment, On: Stuart Kauffman - "I Dwell in Possibility"

Roberto P. Stock Rstock On: The Last Word on "Horizontal Transmission",  Bringing Antivenoms to sub-Saharan Africa, Validating HIV Antibody Testing in South Africa, The Orders of the Church of AIDS

John Strausbaugh Jsportraitnet_2_1 The New Yorker to South Africa: Shut Up and Take It

Richard Strohman Dickstrohman_3 Thermodynamics and Your Health, The Coming Kuhnian Revolution in Biology, Profit Margins and Epistemology, Organization is Cause in the Matter, Maneuvering in the Complex Path from Genotype to Phenotype, The Still Incomplete Human Genome Project