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October 05, 2006


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What bewilders me, it is that none of these biologists and doctors know the chemical properties of drugs which they use.
The azide function of AZT releases spontaneously some nitrogen to give a nitrene, which can only react with the cellular water to give a hydroxylaminothymidine after prototropy.
Now, hydroxylamines is known
1) To have powerful mutagenic effects
2) To be easily reduced (in amines by glutathion) or oxidized (in nitroso compounds by ROS) by the metabolism.
3) Thus to deplete the glutathion levels)
3)To inhibit the glutathion S-transferase, responsible for the regulation of the nitrogen monoxyde

noreen martin

JFR, thanks for explaining how this drug works. After a submarine overhaul, the navy always takes civilians, who worked on the boats,out on the test runs, I wonder how many of these chemists and physicians would swallow this pill? Probably not any.

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