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October 31, 2006


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This is a great piece and you are doing a great job.

The AIDS bunglers have been bungling the number of AIDS cases for years. Nature's a bit late to the party -- so to speak -- but I reckon, better late, than never.



Hank and Otis,
I'm glad that you're seeing optimism...although it's a razor-thin sliver of optimism, in my opinion.

What's disturbing to me is: Dandona's group gave HIV tests to as many people as would consent to the study in one district of Andhra Pradesh state. How many of these people are now condemned by the "AIDS" inquisition? How many of them are feeling incredible hopelessness due to the belief that they harbor a microbe that is killing them?

Another disturbing quote of the article: One explanation for India's overestimate may be that the poor are more likely to be infected than are the wealthy... WHY?! What makes the poor more susceptible to "infection"?



Hold your horses there fella. Speak if you must for Hank, not for me, but I think I can speak for both of us when I write that you are seeing "razor-thin optimism" where I certainly have never placed any.

I am certain, however, that the last months (beginning with the Harper's article) have witnessed a real and decisive shift in the wind and momentum, and that "we" are no longer on the defensive. Quite the contrary, it is the board of directors of AIDS, Inc., who for the first time since Pres. Mbeki stood up, are nervous.

I do not regard this as an optimistic assessment, just a factual one.

Optimism would imply that I have some actual hope that the clear increase in public awareness of how it has been hoodwinked all these years and years will translate into AIDS, Inc. going the way of Enron as some have suggested. I have no such hope, any more than I was optimistic that after Watergate Wasington politics would really change.


It is very nice to see that you feel moved to tell all our thousands of readers what a good job I am doing. However, I have checked my mailbox all day for an email containing news of my raise.

You try living in Southern California, or anywhere else almost, on what you pay me, rich Berkeley hills lawyer man with the write your own "complementary checking" account.



I see optimism. These jerks have taken some good body shots -- and, like most bullies or paper tigers, ain't used to it.

I say more please. And faster.


My man! I'm fixin' to give you a fat raise any day now!


Sorry, Otis. I read into some optimism that obviously wasn't there.

I agree that the Harper's article really created some waves, and has taken us off the defensive. And with Hank's worthy efforts, he's taken Padian out of the dark shadows and into the light...where she's on the defensive.

I have optimism. I've been actively participating in this debate for several years. It's still very frustrating, but the hopelessness I used to feel is definitely abating.

Gene Semon

“Mathematical models … reveal a pattern where the number of cases of HIV infection (and thence of AIDS) increase faster as time goes on IN COMPOUND INTEREST FASHION*, the models have an important role to play in convincing governments and international aid agencies of the wisdom of acting now, not later”. (R Anderson and R May, Understanding The AIDS Pandemic, Scientific American, May 1992, 58) *(emphasis added)

Here’s another important point to emphasize in the continuing offensive: the models are based on computer-generated hot air since they have not been validated by transmission-incidence data. This GIGO point is reinforced by the Duesberg/Bialy default – based on the properties of retroviruses – flat curve approximation that debunks “compound interest” transmission.

The “experts” described above are now deploying classical fudge factoring in a desperate attempt to make the numbers appear more “realistic”. The “Uganda fiasco” where population increase belies the original prediction, is officially down the memory hole.

GIGO is also confirmed by the following from Heinrich Kremer:

“Dr. Gallo misinterpreted the protein released after oxidizing stimulation from the immune cells of AIDS patients that were cultivated jointly with human leukemia cells. He identified it as "HIV" protein. Using this human cell protein, Dr. Gallo equipped the test substrate for his patented "anti-HIV" antibody test. This test substrate, which had been adjusted to especially high antibody amounts, reacted with antibodies in blood serum of people whose immune cells form a particularly high level of antibodies. This is true above all for people whose immune cells no longer produce NO resistance gas but increasingly stimulate synthesis of antibodies instead. A "HIV"-positive test result means nothing else than that the test person has particularly high amounts of antibodies in the blood, and these react accordingly with foreign human test protein. Since there are no antibodies in human blood that react only with protein against which they were originally formed, the "HIV" test demonstrably reacts to many different antibodies. In Africa, antibodies in the blood serum of test subjects react positively in the HIV test, though the antibodies formed originally against antigen protein from tuberculosis, malaria, and PCP fungi pathogens as well as many other pathogens.

“Hence there are no 'HIV' infections either by sexual transmission or via the bloodstream. So-called mother-child transmissions are transmissions of maternal antibodies to the child and/or toxic damage to the child’s immature immune-cell formation in the mother’s womb and/or immune-cell anomalies after birth by toxic medication treatment. They can also be the result of the mother having a chronic infection that was transmitted to the child.” (ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS OF PRESIDENT MBEKI, By Heinrich Kremer,

I do not find this inconsistent with "isolation" considering only DNA sequences, here cell cultures model in vivo retrogenetic vectors - evolution speeded up, so to speak.

As we witness the worldwide attention being focused on the Perth Group and their “strong-principle” version of ontological refutation, as summarized by Dr Kremer, consider a campaign by AIDS INC to drive a wedge within the dissidents. I would argue that Peter Duesberg’s 1987 – 1989 papers represent a “weak-principle” version of the same ontological refutation - “inventing the AIDS virus”.

It is precisely the forensic equivalency of these twin debunkings of a novel, singular agent causing a worldwide pandemic that should be understood, IMHO.

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