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October 05, 2006


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noreen martin

Dr. Knobless, it sounds like most of these viruses do not exist in the first place, just some misguided shadow of a test. I would like to run this by you for your opinion. I do alot of reading and some of my sources do not buy into this "germ" theory of medicine and to tell you the truth, the more I read about it, neither do I.

The main thing that I am getting out of the "other" side or pleomorphism is that these germs change into up to 16 pleomorphic cycles depending upon their environment and that toxemia is the root of all diseases. This certainly makes good, sense to me. However, there again, it certainly would collapse the old drug industry as the cure is so simple, keep the body's PH right through proper dieting so that the terrain does not allow germs to get a foot-hold in the first place. This is what I am doing and it is working for me.

Knobless Obliges


At the risk of anyone thinking I am for one moment to be taken even semi-seriously in anything I write that is not quoted, let me make it as perfectly clear as I am capable that what you have written makes *more* sense by far than the idea that HIV (SIV, FIV, BIV, HCV, etc.) *all* arrived "simultaneously" on the Murchison meteorite (pictured in miniature along with is 'cules above right).

Although The Murch explanation for the origin of HIV *is* far more plausible than the African one.

Dean Esmay

I'd suggest that saying the germ theory of disease is bad is kind of nutso. We know for a fact that some diseases are definitely caused by bacteria and/or viruses. We've shown that in some cases, at least back when the science was more rigorous, no? You damn well don't get smallpox or the mumps due to bad dietary habits.

Johnny B.

This is my problem with questioning AIDS. Not that there aren't many interesting questions and probably a good portion of the current thinking will one day be quite different. But it's SCIENCE that is going to prove whatever the end result is and it's modern medicine that will most likely provide the best chances of fighting the disease(s).

I am all for healthy living. I'm all for using natural curative substances wherever they are useful. But the fact is that MANY diseases have been largely overcome by modern science and the drugs come from those "god-awful" pharmacuetical companies. It's kind of like blaming modern agriculture for the recent problem with e-coli in the spinach and wishing to do away with the entire system and all the good that comes with it. That's not for me.

Pharma Bawd

Dr. Knobless,

Does knowing that Noreen is reading and taking seriously "theories" of pleomorphism make the game you're playing any less humorous to you?

Dean Esmay

For anyone wondering: pleomorphism was an old theory of microbiology. It was discarded some time ago by most.

But it appears to me that the good doctor only said that such theories make more sense than some of the theories put forth on HIV's origins. And certainly believing it came in on a meteor is about as believeable as that pleomorphism is a valid idea.


For anyone wondering: pleomorphism was an old theory of microbiology. It was discarded some time ago by most.

It has never been discarded by anyone, no more than "HIV is the cause of Aids" has not been discarded by Gallo & co bandits.

But the fact is that MANY diseases have been largely overcome by modern science

Not one single disease has been overcome by medical science. Bring back poverty to the rich and they'll get TBC. If we don't have our grandparents diseases anymore, it's simply because we don't have the problems they had to face.

Knobless Obliges


I find Ms. Martin's comments always stimulating and the Nuc. Acids Res. monograph I quoted is the furthest thing from a joke. On the other hand, I consistently find your own remarks to be on a level that make those of Undergrad./Recent Grad. Gal/Guy(XX/XY) appear to be written by Einstein.


I think you mal-comprehend old chap. I was saying that the Murch explanation for the origin of HIV makes *more* sense than the orthodox explanation of its origins. Period.

Now, pleomorphism -- a widely recognized alternative to the germ theory, which does not eliminate germs as causes of disease, but relegates them to a less special role (like changing thinking about genes as agents to genes as network parameters)-- *is* more plausible than the idea that HIV came on the Murch, and is therefore *much* more sensible than the orthodox origin of HIV explanation, even though they are apples are oranges as could be easily shown with "lots and lots of charts" and maybe a few graphs too.

noreen martin

Anyone who wants a different perspective to the germ theory should do some reading about Royal Rife who developed one hell of a microscope and could actually see these germs mutating, who incidentally, found a cure for cancer and other diseases. One might be inclined to look up Robert Young, who is currently doing research on the pleomorphism theory of medicine. And finally, it has been stated that the father of the germ throy, Pasteur, stated on his deathbed, that the germ is nothing, the terrain is everything. Just some food for thought!

noreen martin

I would like to address Dean's comment that you don't get the mumps due to bad dietary habits. In a way you do. Mark Konlee gives this analagy, two farmers next to each other plant the same crop, each received the same sunshine and rain. However, only one had a fruitful harvest. What made the differnce? Could it have been the terrain and the condition of the soil. More than likely it was, especially if one used fertilizers and one did not.

So it is with humans. Why does one in the household get the bug while the other family members do not. What is the missing ingredient? It has to be the terrain or PH of the body and for the most part, food is the only thing which determines this.

I wonder how many diseases could be prevented by an inexpensive pack of litmus paper?


So the food we eat determines the body's pH, which determines our susceptibility to infection.

I learn something new each time I visit this blog.


If it only were so, DR. DDT (I presume), you should be proud. You'd be the first HIV/AIDS apologist to ever learn anything new.

noreen martin

And they say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.


Perhaps the irony of my comment went right by you.

I do actually learn something each time I come here though - how willingly you all are to accept as fact or gospel truth absolutely anything which can be interpreted as reaffirming your own preexisting view.


Dr. DDT (I presume) I think this time it was you who missed the little two-letter hypothetical marker, so to speak.
Of course you don't learn anything new here; you simply have your own prejudices concerning "us all" confirmed.

If (notice the hypothetical?)Noreen for a minute thought otherwise, that would be to her credit, naive but nevetheless to her credit.

Knobless Oblige

DT (standing for D-Tour),

I doubt very much you are any kind of a doctor.

You are however a world class idiot (rivalling Eccles).

Please continue to write to me, our many readers are entertained and educated by your predictable mono-thematic drivel.

You make the 'cules at "the site" mirthful too. This is hard as they are all proper little bastard 'cules that want Prizes and gods know what else.

But don't tell me you have no opinion on the Duesberg/Schwartz critique of the virus that nobody seems to have a titerable culture of?

Of course you do.

noreen martin

I believe that DT's comment is facetious. Nevertheless, who would we have to volly the ball back and forth, if not for him? It's probably doubtful that he or we, for that matter, will change our point of view in the matter. However, all of this dialogue is important because it will help others to see what is true.

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