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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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October 26, 2006


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Stephen Davis

Oprah is having Magic Johnson on her show on Thursday to talk about HIV and AIDS. She is taking questions and comments in advance at her website's bulletin board.

I've posted my "10 questions for Magic Johnson" already.

Maybe you'd like to post your questions as well.


May I suggest that everyone who reads this column of Mr. Evans sends the URL to OPRAH's website.

Thus far today, almost 600 of you already have read it.

I imagine a few thousand emails might even impress the Big O. that something was not quite kosher in her AIDS kitchen, so to speak.


Good suggestion, Otis.

Here's what I wrote in my email to Oprah...

Hello Oprah

I'm eager to hear Magic discuss his experience being a long-term HIV+ survivor; however, I wonder just how honest he will be considering the conundrum he represents, being a long-term non-progressor who does not take anti-viral meds.

Here's a link to a site that I think presents compelling arguments that the HIV theory of AIDS is erroneous:


Are you aware that there are a growing number of people who question the HIV=AIDS link?

That is my question for Oprah. Thank you.

Kevin Milton

Here's the link to email Her Highness:

[Note from Otis: Thank you *very* much Kevin. 1000 more like you and the "walls come tumblin' down".]


In my usual perverse way, I have been thinking of an inverted take on the lineage proposal.

Equally, and perhaps even MORE effective politically (and if anyone thinks AIDS is not 100% politics there are several bridges in my native Brooklyn and in London that are for sale cheap)is the following proposal:

A massive march on a Washington DC testing center by 100,000 absolutely healthy Americans of all persuasions DEMANDING that it is their constitutional right to be tested AND IMMEDIATELY !

noreen martin

I have been squaking about a march forever. Why don't we try and organize one like this? It sounds almost fun, and it would get the media's attention, that's for damn sure!

Wolf J. Flywheel

You are dreaming if you think that "Oprah" is going to do anything to question the establishment. Oprah is a member of the establishment. If she ran a fair show airing the dissident opinions about Aids, it would be snuffed by the broadcast powers that be.

Furthermore, Oprah, as a very rich woman, fears the truth about big lies like Aids for a very good reason: revelation of the Aids fraud threatens "stability."

It is my belief that revelation unto the masses about the Aids fraud, like revelation of similar big lies like the official "9-11" story, would create so much rage that world revolution might occur. And world revolution means that all the super-rich who have benefitted from the many lies that prop up capitalism, would be overthrown, lose their power, position, and wealth.

So Oprah will simply look the other way when confronted with disturbing facts, as everyone else in Aids Inc. does.

This threat to power is the real reason that the US declared Aids a "national security threat."

How many super rich "dissidents" do you know?

People like "Oprah" are invented or helped to power by the establishment. They are tokens, intended to defuse black resentment by demonstrating that black people have equal opportunity to get rich, too. Same with people like Tiger Woods. If he didn't exist, the CIA would have had to create him.

noreen martin

Go over and read Oprah's discussion under Mr. Johnson and see what the public is saying and reading. I would bet that Ms. Oprah is getting a lot of response to it and cannot totally ignore it.


Wolf...hmmm that name does sound familiar. have *we* met?

Be that as it might, I am the one who slightly edited your comment above to remove the "people" after the "you", as I find it personally a perjorative term that I reserve for members of the AIDS curuch, and I know that you did not intend it in such a manner.

In addition, and much more importantly, I cannot discern anywhere in what has been written here that anyone is suggesting that we do anything except rub O.'s nose in the truth as much as possible. There is not, as far as I can tell, a single expression of hope that she might actually change her mind, although I did write in my update that IF she did, it would have an almost miraculous effect.

The last time a prominent African American changed course radically like that in public was Malcolm when he began saying that the white man was not the devil, capitalism was.


I agree wholeheartedly, Wolfie. I never dream the impossible but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't attempt to rub Oprah's nose in her own ignorance, as Otis points out, though her nose is quite small and difficult to get a grip on. Alas, I also agree that revealing the truth about "AIDS" will have great social consequences, particularly negative for those in power, if we are lucky. I tried to incite a discussion about that very topic on another dissident blog but no one seemed interested.

This country is about to enter an extremely difficult period of financial instability due to the deflating credit bubble that is just beginning to hiss...extending the "leverage game" that created this bubble to include the housing sector was a fatal mistake. Housing is illiquid and is not recommended for producing successful ponzi schemes. Nevertheless, how this financial instability will affect the burgeoning dissident movement interests me a great deal. I suspect that it may increase the public's desire, or even, need to know the truth about many things or else it could lead to a more Orwellian state of affairs, at least for a while, where a more authoritative government stifles communication amongst the plebeians. Either way, both usually end in revolution.

We are indeed living in interesting times and understanding and being educated about all the deceit and all the corruption that is endemic in our former democracy is a full-time job. Unfortunately, I'm afraid it will soon become a matter of personal survival and not just about being a responsible citizen.

Stephen Davis

Oprah's comment board on Magic's show is filled with some good stuff. About 60-40 in favor of the dissidents. Someone is called no1healthy and has a lot of posts. I don't know how long it will be up there, but Hank's readers may want to take a look: Here


For reasons having to do with genetic polymorphisms (today called mutations)that influence the response of the vagus nerve to talk TV, and anything associated with it in ways that cause me from minor to major gastric distress, I personally have not visited the famous bulletin board, but I certainly hope that among the 60% positive to "our side" comments, someone or three has seen fit to insert the absolute url for this thread!

BTW, check Alexa for YBYL today. The traffic is great enough for the Alexa engines to notice it and give us a reach of 4.5, and a one week traffic ranking of 560,000. This is not bad for a boondock, denialist blog. If we compare these numbers to the illustrious AIDSTruth site of Cornell Medical College, run by the erstwhile JP "Macacque" Moore, we find a reach of 0.05, and a traffic ranking of 4.5 million (as of 24/10). But who's counting?

Update / 4 PM): I am informed that O does not accept links. Too bad, but someone must have put something in because there are now 15 separate entries to the Evans page from oprah/webX.

2. For the same reasons as I stated above, I will not be watching the actual program with the 6 positive, phenotypically (to Americans) attractive members of the XX genotype, and Magic. I have expectations of at least one or two of the regular, regulars, like Noreen, providing an unbiased summary of the night's doings. And Noreen, I promise not to edit anything you contribute on this (except to correct any typos) o)

Jose Amilcar Germosen

I got to catch the Oprah show today. I noticed that there were no less than 5 pharmaceutical advertisements during the show.

Regan Hofmann was featured on a panel of women talking about their HIV. I noticed that they failed to mention Hofmann's affiliation with POZ; that she was editor in chief.

Is she a publicity tool for AIDS, Inc.? Oprah definitely seems to be.

I have more to say about Ms. Hofmann soon.

Dean Esmay

My definition of "liberal" is not in the least bit complicated. It may be difficult to understand by political naifs, but not to most other people.

That said: It's interesting to hear that the Oprah's comments section had a lot of supportive comments. If Oprah gets wind of that, then it could make a difference.

Dean Esmay

And by the way, here's some free advice: our democracy isn't "former" and continues to function quite well, thank you, and the super-rich aren't villains, and black people really do have equal opportunity in this society, and the economy is not on the verge of massive collapse. And none of this far-left ranting (note that I did not say "liberal" for it is not liberal) will have any influence on the debate whatsoever. In fact it will only harm it, which is probably why you guys haven't gotten any "traction" with it on other dissident sites: a lot of your fellow Dissidents voted for Bush, love America and her current role in world affairs, and don't hate the rich. Trying to buttonhole them into believing a bunch of pseudo-marxist claptrap will only make them want to run screaming away from the issue of HIV and AIDS.

Concentrate on the real issues at hand here, and stop trying to drag your pet political ideas into the mix.


A proud liberal who voted for Bush twice, and has not a fraction of an ounce of regret or shame over it. None, zero, zip, nada.


One comment to cut short this turning into anything resembling what it easily could...

1. There is no room here for argument of the kind Mr. Esmay wishes to engage. I understand that one of the other commenters opened the door, so Dean is allowed his one shot...but that's it.

2. As for the advice. It is worth exactly what it cost.

3. And as a pure, theoretical speculation belonging in the ghosted memoires of an inverse Paris Hilton perhaps -- I wonder if Ann Coulter understands Dean's definition of liberal better than she does quadratic equations?

Wolf J. Flywheel

Mr. Driftwood, I presume?

noreen martin

What we all observed while watching Oprah yesterday was par for the course in what one would expect from the mainstream view of AIDS; the standard party line and not any new revelations.

Nevertheless, we did win a great victory on her discussion board. I hope that enough people will contact her and that she will give us equal time.

Yesterday's show reminded me of one of my favorite war movies, Away All Boats starring Jeff Chandler, a hunk if I may be not so politically correct here!

He was the Captain of a ship during World War II and his crew for the most part had been activated from civilian life. He was having a hard time with his unseasoned officers and rawdy, young men who were all beginning to fight amongst themselves.

The Captain being an old sea bird, had his favorite toy on board, his own personal sailboat. Being the shrewd character that he was, he began to have the crew overhaul and paint his sailboat. Men worked on the "old man's" sailboat day and night and it was given #1 priority.

You might have guessed what happened in the process, the men shaped up, stopped their bickering, as the Captain had given them another way to vent their frustations and they work together finally as a crew.

This whole AIDS charade reminded me of this story as I have never seen so many men, women, the old and young, black and white, gay and straight, democrats and republicans all united and working together to further the belief that HIV causes AIDS.

Maybe, we need a new Nobel Prize category for "Uniter" and we can bestow the first honor to Robert Gallo. Just think how he could unite the country if he ran for office, a scarry thought.

All of this is funny and true, however, the sadness is all the needless deaths that have occured because of the efforts of this one man. With fellow Americans like him being a driving force in the health care system in this country, who needs to worry about enemies?

david burd

The Sports Illustrated issue of August 20, 2001, has Magic's doctor citing that Magic takes one pill in the morning, and one pill in the evening (to ostensibly treat his hiv-antibody condition). However, the actual type of pill(s) are not mentioned, and of course, they could be just vitamin pills. Another possibility is Magic takes no pills at all, but he claims he does because he is/was paid by GlaxoSmithKline to be on billboards and magazine ads to represent the drug Combivir, with each Combivir pill having 300 milligrams of AZT and 150 milligrams of 3TC. Whether Magic takes this AZT potion is strictly conjectural, as all the time people are paid to say they take/consume a product, whether they actually do or not. A last note is that Magic weighs close to 300 pounds, so if he indeed takes one Combibvir a day, his dose-to-weight is a fraction of that so toxic smaller adults and children. Finally, comments from Magic's publicist during the latter 1990's had Magic taking no medications, but now with GlaxoSmithKline paying him (probably very hasdsomely) to represent their product, he may indeed take a token amount. Who knows the actual truth? Only Magic.

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