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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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October 14, 2006


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Marcel, I did some research on the Chicken Immunodeficiency Virus. If it were not for all those hairs growing out of trucker penises, you would have found your master of satire Here. No, let me think. Only one single reference for CIV found on the whole WWW. You wrote that letter too, didn't you?


I see no reason why there shouldn't be a Chicken Immunodeficiency Virus. There is a Bovine Immunodeficiency Virus (BIV), a Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and of course, the famous Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) that started it all. Since monkeys are known to sometimes have sex with cows, cats and people, it is surely possible that they have done it with chickens too.

Or perhaps the Bird Flu virus mutated into the Chicken Immunodeficiency Virus. I'm sure we'd find a paper disoursing on that possibility too, if we searched the archives. (If not, hint hint to all those medical researchers out there, this is surefire grant material).


Yeah! SIV and HIV and FIV and BIV, it's all out there. One thing left: DIV, the Diplomatic Immunity Virus. That's what Gallo & Co will be infected with the day the Aids dissident shit finally and definately hits de fan.

noreen martin

What a laugh, keep up the good work. I think that you forgot one, the sheep virus.


from: "Oncogenes, Aneuploidy and AIDS", Ch.4

"Kid Heretic followed his two stiff opening jabs with an uppercut that connected with enough force to reverberate loudly even today. Why don’t chimpanzees develop AIDS after experimental infection with HIV? They are, after all, our closest genetic relatives, and they are susceptible hosts for every single human virus, including HIV. And yet, today when more than fifty chimpanzees have been successfully infected for more than seventeen years, as demonstrated by their positive “AIDS-tests,” not one has developed clinical AIDS. There is no other virus that causes a disease in humans which will not reproduce that disease in chimps. Team Temin could only come back with: “It is true HIV does not cause AIDS in chimpanzees. Most viruses are species-specific in host range and in capacity to produce disease.” (8) Host range is not at issue since HIV infects chimps quite all right, but they follow this flay at thin air with a powerful-sounding near miss. “For example, herpes B virus, yellow fever virus, and dengue virus cause serious diseases in humans, but produce no disease symptoms during infection in many species of monkeys.” (8) Chimps may be a lot of things, but they are most definitely not monkeys, and every one of these viruses is pathogenic for them.

The virus corner then throws a thunderous boomerang punch. Temin’s team invokes the recently discovered simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) and its equally new disease, Simian AIDS, to preserve Koch’s postulates, just as they would later trot forth the new feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and its brand-new disease, feline AIDS. Whether these animal models even resemble human AIDS – a topic we will visit in passing later on – the essential point is that we are now asked to believe one of two highly improbable alternatives: Either these latter diseases were present all along in monkeys and cats, and animal retrovirologists, as desperate as their human retrovirologist colleagues to find some clinical relevance for their work, had somehow missed them; or a whole bunch of new deadly retroviruses all evolved at the very same moment. Coincidentally, just in time to butter a lot of stale bread.[italics, Otis]

Peter flicks a few stinging, Ali-like jabs by asking the other side to reconcile devastating T-cell loss with minimal infectivity, biochemical quiescence, and with the presence of virus-inactivating antibodies. Not on the steadiest of legs, Team Virus shoots back with p24 antigenemia, and chronic herpes – the former to defend the preposterous notion that there were enormous amounts of active virus “hiding” (their word) in the body, and the latter to establish their point that “Many viruses are highly pathogenic after evidence of immunity appears.” Neglecting, of course, to mention that reactivated viral diseases like herpes and hepatitis occur only when the immunity gets low, are in step with easily detected virus production, and recede when the immune system responds. Not quite the scenario of HIV and AIDS."

Quincy Wagstaff

I remember asking one of the Hiv apologists -- I think it was that guy from Los Alamos Laboratory -- whatzis name? -- about FIV. His response, as I recall, was: "FIV doesn't cause any immune deficiency that I'm aware of." To which I responded..."then why do they call it the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus???"

It all sounds comical, but one day a few years ago at a guest house in Thailand where I was staying, the owner, who loved cats and had many of them, had put one of his cats in a cage. The others all ran free. As I'm always upset when I see any animal in a cage, I asked him why he caged the cat. He said that the cat had FIV, and he had to isolate him from the others.

Knowing the things I know, I said that his cat doesn't have FIV. He said "Yes, he tested positive for the virus." And he was taking the FIV medicine.

So, it's not just humans who suffer from the Reign of the Retrovirologists. Much more intelligent species like kats have also become victims.


I've reread the story of the chicken bones and the sperm covered tissues in the link referred to above. I find the post hilarious and wished I'd thought of writing such a thing. Just for the fun of reading the reaction of absolute humorless doctors who don't seem to give a shit about people at all and can only come up with hate reactions like:
Dude, congratulations! You win the award for the most whacked-out question of the week. Where should we send your prize? It's a handy-dandy, fashion-forward straightjacket that you can wear on your way to your padded cell."

It's weird. Right now it seems to me that all the interesting, well-read, funny, intelligent and caring people are resembled under the Aids dissident banner, leaving the humorless, angry, foulmouthed, dumb and aggressive hillbillies to the Gallo, Wainberg, Fauci and Moore team. Is it only me or do other people have that kind of bizarre impressions every now and then?


a whole bunch of new deadly retroviruses all evolved at the very same moment.

That is no coincidence but very logical. Had the viruses evolved even say only one century before, we would never have known because we didn't have the equipment to detect them. And the viruses would have felt like a lonely golf player hitting his once in a life time hole in one. Which would have been far too cruel, even for retroviruses.


Mr. Sillian,

You should rather praise your good luck as well as the enormous strides for mankind made by modern medical science in the last 100 years or so. (I have it on reliable authority)

If HIV hadn't had the good grace to delay its invention until science was ready for it none of us would even be here today to make fun of the poor thing. (that I also have on good authority, although not my husband's this time)

Mouth of the Yellow River

Ni Hao! Kannichi Wa!


Astounding nostalgia. That the journal Nature that still hypocritically bears the name of the journal of ’68 (like the current Demican and Republicrat parties claim to resemble the historic Democrat and Republican parties) would publish a thoughtful innovative idea from a graduate student no less.

This article reflects the days when science meant in deed what is only mouthed today.

CSN (Cell, Science, Nature) and similar media outlets going under the guise of “science” and the de facto censorship system referred to as “peer review” are clearly simply Joe Goebbels-type propaganda vehicles going under the guise of the “science” niche as are the major pop network media outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and wannabe FOX for general media.

At one time the scientific method was based on skepticism, innovation was defined as challenging the dogma, a new idea, and this was what was funded and admired. Soon the major journals and grant proposal forms as they go to online submission and “peer censorship” will consist of a pdf template with blanks to be filled in. We are essentially halfway there now where a single gene of the 35000 (its decreasing steadily) can be filled in a template.

Clearly hints of Orwell’s 1984 is in a titanic struggle with the scientific method and it has made pervasive inroads as the media outlets referred to above both popular and in the “scientific” sector. Yet there is hope in the American system of culture clash and debate despite attempts to destroy it and make it like the failed systems of history. And the democratic platform offered by the internet of which this site and many others are example.

However, there are now multiple generations since the 60’s exampled by the individuals that Dr. Bialy has engaged (the political pundits going under the guise of science called ScientificBlogs that are internet savvy, and aggressively seeking public accolade through the internet). These two generations have been generally brainwashed, but are permeating “peer censorship” committees. It is frightening that glorified post-docs called Assistant Professors and other titles in our current system are given decisive votes as primary reviewers on study sections beyond their rightful place of advisors and listened to on the internet as the brainwashed bloggers Dr. Bialy and you Groucho engage..

Professors Mullis, Wally Gilbert and Academy of Science appointees as Peter Duesberg and rare others are a rare breed that will use their ga-ga status acquired by the whims of the conventional election committees to perform their obligatory roles as true scientists to question the established politicized dogma established by religious “Amen Brother” acclimation.

The optimistic note is that there are a large number of essentially schizophrenic practicing scientists (like myself) out there who are in the closet but secretly true to the scientific method, but have to put up the front and smokescreen of the established dogma to maintain their livelihood. It is this contingent that should be sought out and rewarded by those in power who also must mouth the established quo, but are at heart enlightened.

MOTYR (a closet establishment scientist, smokescreening to stay funded, but at heart knows the truth and hopes for the day when the true scientific method will dominate).

Note Bene: Just read the comment by Lise. Great Buddha, she is right, if HIV had shown up any other time in history, it would be in its rightful place in history as a minor correlate of a complex disease. Only in today’s Orwell's 1984-Joe Goebbels climate that has hijacked the scientific method could it have ever had dominant causal attention. Unfortunately, we are in an era of reductionism based on gene sequencing that any variable measured as a correlate of anything deserves major attention as a cause and a druggable target.





or more formally,

我最尊敬和聰明客人誰是大師這五藝術, 可以我最不值得自已謙遜邀請您對雍容我們淒慘站點由您詞至尊智慧和_發嗎?

"We" all hope you say _ 是


Hey DT!

Well sufficient time has elapsed without any keyboard clicks from you that I (we) must now presume you have "chickened out" once again.

This is a pun on your profession, as I have learned, through one of my almost uncountable sources of gossip and similiar "info", that you practice veterinary medicine somewhere in Scotland and that your speciality is SHEEP AIDS.

If my source is accurate (and I have no reason to think he is not), this explains just about everything about you.

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