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October 09, 2006


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It's good to see that there's at least one person in Thailand who's not totally brainwashed by the propaganda. As you can see in this fine article, all of Thailand's HIV testing is fraudulent. I lived in Thailand for years, was friends with a lot of prostitutes (who I regard as the finest people on the planet) and have stories I shall one day write about that will make it clear to you that "Hiv/Aids" ranks as one of most despicable, if not THE most despicable, crimes against humanity that have ever been perpetrated. Prostitutes in Thailand are forced to get tested by their employers and sometimes tested against their will. If they have any of the 75 or so reasons for a false positive, most likely their doctors will not even consider that possibility. Girls are forced to be tested as often as monthly, and with that many tests, the odds of a falsie sooner or later are VERY high. And because the doctor most likely KNOWS that they are prostitutes, he won't even consider that it might be a false positive, because it's so OBVIOUS that she must have gotten it from sex, and anyway, she DESERVES it, cause she's a WHORE.

The perpetrators, in order of despicability: 1) The media, who faithfully repeat assertions and hypotheses of the powerful as if they were facts and censor all opposing information, even going so far as to fire a brave editor at one of Thailand's leading newspapers who published an abbreviated version of the article linked above; 2) The so-called "scientific journals," which willfully blind themselves to the fact that the Hiv papers that they publish don't make any sense, and whose responsibility is clearly to their drug industry advertisers and their golfing partners in the medico-scientific brotherhood, and not to humanity; 3) the corrupt scientists themselves, faithfully seeing only that which they want to see, which happens to be the view that benefits their drug industry paymasters the most; 4) the corrupt public health officials, virtually all of them beneficiaries of the "public service"/"private profit" revolving door; 5) the poor sick gay community, whose hypochondria and self destructiveness leads them to welcome sickness and death and to support Hiv/Aids like a religion; 6) the sicko religious fools, most of them probably impotent or celibate, who welcome "Hiv" as it is another way to get people to stop having sex, which happens to be the most virtuous act a person can do. Okay that's enough blame for today, though for sure there are more guilty parties...

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