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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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November 23, 2006


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Walter Renko

One is tempted to read all sorts of analogies into today's -- where did *that* come from? --offering, but one inference seems to me worth restating less obliquely than Otis is so fond of (even if my grammar is not as sophisticated as his). o)

Until very recent times science and the law had in common the very thing Mr. Doyle grew rapturous about: In the journals as in the court room, a single set of rules applied to everyone regardless.

Imagine (shudder) what the US justice system would look like if it was run by the same rules that govern publication in today's Science.

George Kimball

Somebody associated with this weblog has a sense of humor that reminds me of my old compadre Ed Dorn.

The "Thanksgiving" graphic is a 19th C. engraving in the Granger Collection, entitled:

"Mary Dyer Led to Execution on Boston Common, 1 June 1660".

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