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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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November 20, 2006


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I seem to recall that the most shameless crook on the board of AIDS Inc., Robert Gallo, once loudly and passionalely disclaimed that "HIV was a Mack truck that could kill Superman" (I am sorry I do not have the exact reference, but I think it was circa 1988 and was in an interview with Anthony Liversidge that appeared in Spin magazine).

I find it more than disgusting that over the years the Mack Truck has turned into a bicycle with training wheels and not a single, solitary newspaper or television 'reporter' (and I use the term with total contempt) has seen fit to tell anybody.


Here's what Gallo said in the '88 Spin interview with Liversidge:

"HIV would cause AIDS in Clark Kent, given the right dose and the right strain of the virus. Given the right dose and right route of administration and the right time in someone's life. Alone in and of itself. No doubt in mind."

Otis: Thanks. But I too remember a Mack Truck allusion from this master of flim flam language. Perhaps it was made at another time.

Chris Tyler

And funny how chimpanzees are unaffected by this 'Mack Truck'.

Although from Gallo's very own Institute of Human Virology, 'Grade 4 events are as important as AIDS events in the era of HAART.'

"Data were analyzed from 2,947 patients enrolled from December 1996 through December 2001. All patients were to receive antiretrovirals...

During follow-up, 675 patients experienced a grade 4 event...; 332 developed an AIDS event...; and 272 died... The first grade 4 event and the first AIDS event were associated with similar risks of death, 5.68 and 6.95, respectively.

CONCLUSIONS: Grade 4 events are as important as AIDS events in the era of HAART. To adequately evaluate the impact of HAART on morbidity, comorbidities and other key factors must be carefully assessed."

Seems like humans are hit like a 'Mack Truck' by these 'HIV' drugs. Gallo is such a buffoon.


Celia Farber

Anthony Liversidge did a second interview with Gallo in SPIN, in or around 1989 I believe. I was the editor then, of SPIN's AIDS column so perhaps I should remember, but I don't. I do think the truck metaphor might be in that one.

SPIN's AIDS column 'Words From The Front' was launched in the fall of 1987; My interview with Peter Duesberg was the second installment of that unloved column, immediately followed, the next month, by Liversidge's Gallo interview, which I consider one of the best pieces of AIDS reportage ever. I remember vividly that editors Robert Keating and Legs McNeil went to Mr. Liversidge's apartment to collect the tape and manuscript.

This is making me feel very old.


Both interviews with Gallo are available at (Find: Liversidge).

The first of which contains two Gallo gems that George more or less combined. The "Mack Truck" one is as follows:

"Look, it's utter nonsense, destructive nonsense, it can boomerang not only in his face, but in the lives of people. Dangerous nonsense. The evidence is overwhelming that this is the cause of the disease. We have more evidence that this virus causes AIDS than we have for virtually any other disease known to man, save that which we have prevented with a vaccine. Hit by a truck is the analogy I like to use."

Did somebody say buffoon?

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