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November 09, 2006


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The prostate is called "Ba'doum" in Arabic,"the third ball".

Harvey Bialy

I really hope that Otis does not deem this comment "off point", and delete it after a very short half life, but Ali's translation, in a Shakespearean sense, reminded me of the following.

When I was a young man just beginning to edit the scientific contributions to the BioSlash mother of the present day Nature Biotechnology, a very senior scientific journal editor sent me (by post) some data he had always found "amusing, instructive, and very useful".

I quote it exactly from memory, as I kept it on the post-it board above my desk for many years.

"A scholar of the language once told me that Arabic is the richest of all languages comprising some 450,000 individual words, with each word possessing four distinct meanings.
It's primary meaning. The exact opposite. A sexual connotation. A part of a camel."


Thank you for this article, MOTYR. It appeared just as I was a bit concerned about some irritation in my pelvic area...and had started googling "prostate cancer." Having read this, I am reminded that the first rule of maintaining health is "stay the hell away from doctors!"

Yes, I'm a man. Shirley is just a pseudonym.

Ken Patchel

Thanks! I've had a PSA of 23+ for 12 years w/no problems. The Gleason scales say my cancer should be very aggressive and go extracapsular. I'm taking my chances. Charts of major hospitals show 30% rising PSA's 5 years after all treatment and 50% after years even w/surgery!

Incredible! After recommending biopsies to me, I asked what they would do if they didn't find anything.They said they'd test me again in 6 months. I told them to go jump. I have a friend who has a PSA of 500 and he's been taking hormones for 12 years. Its all a big money making scheme which is also the same for breast cancer and the cholestral hoax. Thank you for an excellent expose on an insidious industry of coruption. With all the money invested in the big 3 i.e.chemo, radiation and surgery, the powers to be won't even allow research on any alternatives.

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