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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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November 01, 2006


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I have received numerous requests over the past 24 hours to please open the comments to Mr. Evan's remarks to Ms. Winfrey, and after consultation to find out if he would make time to reply to a few questions, and receiving a gracious "I'll do my best", decided to do so.

Ron Freeman

Hey Lee,

I am in Guinea now, and your great post at YBYL just caught up with me.

This has to make something happen!

I have a celeb list that I will work when I get back to the States.


Ron Freeman, M.A

Lee Evans

I thought this was funny.

In my emails today, there was one with "Oprah's Show" in the subject line, and when I opened it, I found that apparently all the efforts of the past days have resulted in my email getting added to a mass mailing list belonging to one of the O's many commercial empires.

Here is it, without the "you can click here" activated, because that would be free advertising for the duplicitous .... Ms. Winfrey, and any body with her money should pay premium for everything don't you think?

"[email protected] 11/2/2006 11:31 AM >>>
Oprah's show

Oprah's show is giving away complimentary prizes.

Get all the latest prizes from her show today.

You can win:

-Burberry Purse and Coat she adores

-UGG boots straight from Australia,

-Philip Stein Teslar Diamond watch, and more!

You will also get, rich chocolaty brownies from Moveable Feast, Oatmeal Cookie Dough from Fox and Obel market, Croissants from Williams Sonoma and much more.

Don't wait, get your chance today.
Click here: *****"


Brother from Brooklyn

Brother Lee and Brother Ron,

It has been a long road since the 60s and it is a welcome sight for these sore eyes to find your names in the news again -- even if it is only the internet.

I am telling all my friends about what you brothers are up to since someone sent me the direction to this way sick site.

I remember NEWARK...DO YOU OPRAH ?

And I remember when "Power to the People" was a phrase that put a chill in the hearts of the establishment, and not a another Hollywood cliche they took to the bank.

Amiri Baraka

Sock it too her but good Brother Evans, the mightiest burner I ever saw tear up a track.

And I remember Newark like it was YESTERDAY.

Codaryl "Cody" Moffett


I've been waiting my whole life for you to step up again.

I know that my father is looking down now with a bigger smile then when he played with Ornette at the "Both/And" club in the Fillmore in 1968 after you and Tommie Smith and John Carlos showed the world what Black Power really was about. And man was he grinning then.

I was only 8 years old, but I will never forget how everybody in Oakland was talking about you.

Thanks for making a dream come true.


P.S. Oprah, Word Up -- I will perform with Charles Jr., Charnett and Mondre for FREE the day Mr. Evans and Prof. Duesberg are on your show, and maybe some other players will join us. It could be BIG fun.

Lee Evans

Ms. Winfrey,

The next time somebody says the words 'Africa and AIDS' to you, please remember this continuing sad story of my African athletes in Mobile, and the next time someone says to you Peter Duesberg is a 'quack has been', please at least try and read this.


Peace and Love


4/14/2007 3:25 PM

MOBILE, Ala. - Vincent Rono, NCAA champion at 1500m, ran the first ever sub 4-minute mile in the state of Alabama at the USA Invitational, Saturday, clocking in at 3:59.63 in blustery conditions..

The University of South Alabama senior posted the fourth-fastest time run in the world this year, third-best time run in the United States, and is the second-fastest collegian at the full mile distance behind Josh McDougal of Liberty, whose 3:57.46 in Lynchburg, Va., on March 31 tops the world list.

Rono just missed dipping under track and field's magical mile barrier last year at this meet, clocking 4:00.60 on a windy day last April. "I thought that maybe the wind might be too much," Rono said, "But we wanted to do it so bad because we came so close last year, and the today the pace was good enough to do it."

The pacemakers went through the first lap in 58.01, setting the stage for Rono to begin his push. Through two laps, the clock read 1:57 as the winds at Jaguar Track began to swirl, particularly on the backstretch. With one lap to go, the time was 3:00 and Rono had broken clear of the field that included nine-time Sun Belt Conference champion Tonny Okello and 3000m SBC indoor titlist Micah Tirop, both Jaguar athletes. Rono drove through the heavy winds and ran all the way through the line for his final time.

Okello, second as he was last year in this event, finished in 4:14.32, while the first-year Jag, Tirop, took third in 4:18.09.

The meet was shortened to due the inclement weather, but another of South Alabama's NCAA finalists got in a spectacular race in world-leading time.

Four-time SBC champion Ajoke Odumosu, ran the 400m in the fastest-time in the world this year, clocking 50.46. Her time betters that of South Carolina's Natasha Hastings, a 50.55 performance run in Columbia, S.C., on March 31.

Clarisse Moh was third, behind Odumosu, in a personal best 52.58.

The Jags travel to Auburn, Ala., for the Auburn Invitational, April 22.

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