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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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November 10, 2006


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Even more disturbing is the fact that HIV researchers continually claim that certain papers’ results are “out of date”, yet have absolutely no hesitation in citing the “entire body of scientific research on HIV as massive overwhelming evidence” in favor of HIV. They can’t have it both ways, yet this is exactly what they try to do.

Not only do they try to "have it both ways", somehow, we're not supposed to notice that.

The "overwhelming evidence" is nothing but an overwhelming amount of research...which can only "work" through what is effectively scientific tunnel vision.

pat is another example of how they can have it both ways.
They charge, through Ad Hominems, that "denialists" use Ad Hominem attacks to promote their views.
examples of "apologist" Ad Hominems:

"Extreme-right + extreme-left (reciprocal loathing, united by only one theme - the Hitler-Stalin Pact redux) "

"Frustrated scientists with flawed careers" (this will come back to haunt JP Moore in the future)

"Profiteers (vitamin pill peddlers)"

and here comes the worst:
"Infected people in personal denial"

As for the rest of the site it argues from authority (a well-known logical fallacy that even rednecks are aware of) and hardly ever bother to give references when making sweeping claims. Duesberg (and others) to their great credit at least give exhaustive lists of references which, strangely, is also held against him.

On a final note I would like to say that JP Moore is the best thing to have happened to the rethinking movement just as Ann Coulter is the best thing that has happened to the anti-NeoCon Media-vangelists movement. They will eventually, singlehandedly perhaps, burn their own house of cards down.

John Cleese

It has been brought to my attention that this John P. Moore character claims to have been at Cambridge the same time as myself. Perhaps, but I certainly never encountered him, as I am sure I would have remembered such a total twit.

He has been called an "embarrassment even to AIDS,Inc." in an earlier posting, but I must amend that description. He could embarrass the Spanish Inquisition.

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