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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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November 18, 2006


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Bravo Otis! I'm not sure what's more amusing - the fiction itself or the fact that you must have wasted a considerable amount of your time writing it...

I suppose I'm flattered you considered me worthwhile.




Well Nick we got two things here.

1. You are flattered that I considered you worth wasting my time writing about?

I'm not sure I quite understand that, but after reading Objukwu's report I can understand perfectly your present state of mind, and I wish you well in your upcoming court appearance. I really do.

2. I am no more Objukwu than you are. Your rush to a totally inaccurate conclusion, and your public insistence on it are exactly like your religious beliefs concerning the genetic sequences you understand so pitifully little about.

It is clear from the points above, and the comment by "Bennett" that he is almost certainly the "real one" that is second only to Moore in propensity for tripping over his own tongue (so to speak) in public [or at the very least that I did not cyber-clone him] because if it were not, there is no way in the world I could write what I have just written.

And by the way Nick, I can of course prove that Objukwu is very close to whom he writes he is if you have the balls to want to put something substantial where your big british mouth is.


"Mr Bennett",

I am shocked, as is my husband, to discover that you are a blind believer who runs off half-cocked (so to speak) at the drop of an insinuation.

Do you prescribe drugs on such bases? Design your experiments, if you do any, in such fashion? Conclude HIV is the cause of AIDS on the same sort of evidence you concluded Otis and Objukwu are the same? Etc.

My hubby wonders how you can ever write another word after this cock-up (there's that word again).

And so do I.



I apologise for assuming you were "Romeyn Objukwu" Otis. A little disappointed too I guess, as a cut-paste takes far less work then writing original prose. I also fail to see how I "insisted" on anything, since I've only written on this matter once ;-)

Anyhow, it's clear from the article that it, too, suffers from inaccuracies. I am not an AIDS researcher here, my middle initial is wrong, and Petrello was 7 1/2 at the time, not 8 years old.
But he did cheat.

I'm curious though about Objukwu since you say that "Objukwu is very close to whom he writes he is". And Lise - I would in point of fact be remiss in assuming that Otis and Objukwu were NOT the same based merely on the fact that a biography of the 'author' was added at the bottom of the post. I see that Otis is the name attached to the post and the balance of probabilities is skewed. If, indeed, Objukwu existed he could have posted under his own name, which might have been entirely more convincing (i.e. I would have assumed it was merely yet another anoymous internet pseudonym, but at least not incorrectly credited Otis with authorship).



(joking about Petrello, by the way, before any AIDS denialists believe yet another lunacy from the internet)


Not even a half decent try old chap. Mr. Objukwu did compose the essay, which is I believe entitled "Romeyn Objukwu Explains....", under his own name (the biography was added by the editor as everyone except you and maybe Mr. Petrello had no difficulty understanding) and I now see you have made yet another idiotic assumption -- that is was cut and pasted from someplace rather than submitted and edited like all the other excellent pieces here that have attracted such a wide and varied readership, and an Alexa that has impressed even the internet pros.

You are a fraud and a cheat and a deviant of the worst kind, and no patient should be allowed near you. You are also thoroughly disgraced (almost as much as Moore but you had less to lose being a very junior officer in the AIDS army), and if you had bothered to look around this weblog before you posted your foot in the mouth comment, you would have found Mr. Objukwu's name, and earlier writing, on the same page as your own in the "rogues gallery".

Your mathematical incompetence (also on display here almost two years ago, is well known. Now you have joined it with this display of backpeddling and waffle that only goes to further show the world what a total ass you are, Mr. Bennett of Cambridge, UK.

Harvey Bialy

I am in receipt of the following email from Mr. Bennett in reply to a note I sent to him a short while ago after seeing the side splitting new comments.

It is illuminating in several aspects, and should put a lid on this particular Sunday madness (although maybe not, knowing what I do about NB and his internet chat proclivities).

But honestly, between the two Cambridge pods, Moore and Bennett, I find it tough to choose which is the preferred spokesperson for their church.

Maybe Otis could take an electronic poll of the 2000 (and growing) independent readers (many FASEB members) that I understand have asked via email to subscribe to this weblog's listserver.


bialy, harvey wrote:

Even you are not dumb enough to have published that cut your own throat from ear to ear comment.

Tell me it isn't so, and I will ask Otis to remove the entire set lickity split.


Greetings dear Harvey,

Alas your email ended up in my spam folder, so I'm delayed in replying. However it seems as if I'm now forced to add your email address to the blocker on this account as well as my work ccount (which you mail-bombed after going to pieces on Dean's World all that time ago).

I also note that the author Romyen does in fact have an email. I salute you sir on your elegant prose, but in future please post in person so as not to cause confusion about authorship. I am sure you were unhappy about Otis getting all the credit.



Note: I am informed that both Drs. Bennett and Bialy have agreed to "put the lid" on this exchange, and since I can see nothing but opportunities for mischief of various kinds if the string is allowed to continue, I have now closed it pending any further, unusual events. [Otis, 5.02 PM]

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