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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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November 06, 2006


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Darin Brown

Thank you again, Masochist Mauler for once "moore" demonstrating your true colours!

I recently sent the following email to the Masochist:

"You said,

'To draw an analogy: would 'Discover Magazine' grant space to a leading member of the Ku Klux Klan to promote a book he/she had written to advance the 'science' of Eugenics?'

Just when I thought you couldn't sink lower...

Your choice of eugenics is ironic, given the fact that racism is one of the prime motivators of the HIV paradigm. For example, see my recent post at YBYL

Darin Brown Explains Why the Pods Play Along

You might learn something.

'Equally, Ms. Farber's views have no basis in science, for not a single credible scientist nowadays disputes the existence of HIV or its causative role in AIDS'

Of course, in your mind, such a statement is a tautology (I know it's a big word for means roughly "a statement which is true simply by logical construction and definition"), given your previous public statements that anyone who doubts HIV is "by definition not a credible scientist".

But this has always been the orthodox tactic -- define everyone who doubts HIV as "not credible" and by definition no credible scientists doubts HIV. A fitting argument that must seem perfectly normal to you in the post-modern tautological sociological construct of "AIDS research".

'Ms Farber castigates these individuals as being, in effect, tools of the Pharmaceutical Industry, motivated only by money and thoughts of glory.'

Well, garden-variety stupidity has a lot to do with it, as well.

'But she seems perfectly willing to exploit her own professional connections within the publishing industry to do anything she can to increase the sales of her book, and thereby to make a profit from the dead and dying.'

Ah, yes... again, the "denialists are making millions off their racket" spiel. We're all rolling in the money, aren't we!!

'By doing so, it has done a great disservice to the young scientists and students who have relied on the magazine as part of their science education.'

I applaud Discover magazine for their interview of Farber (which was a much better job than the book review that appeared in print).

I actually hope your letter to Discover is widely read, as your arrogance and ego are now completely transparent in this diatribe.

Of course, such an audience could not come from your OWN "website", given the "clinically undetectable" handful of people who ever read, see:

The "clinically undetectable website of the Masochist Mauler"



John "Intellectual Pee Wee" Moore's letter to Discover magazine contains an interesting confirmation of the principle that when a person accuses somebody else, and does so continuously and vociferously, quite frequently that person is referring to him/herself.

This idea is contained in the well known adage: Whenever you point a finger at another, you are pointing an arm at yourself.

Isn't it striking that of all things Moore accuses Celia Farber to be motivated by greed and glory?

Striking but logical. A person who sold out to the devil for the money and the glory can only think in terms of money and glory and, when in anger, knowing deep down in his little black heart that it's the works of $atan, accuses the other of the guilt that weighs so heavily on his soul.

Let go John. Beelzebub's presents only last for one earthly lifetime. After that you pay back for the rest of eternity.

And, in case you didn't know: Eternity is said to last very long, especially when you get near the end.


I have a GOOD idea for you poor, bespotted prof. Moore. Why don't you DO A DURBAN? Get ALL your friends, starting with your mentors, "intellectual powerhouse", David Ho, and the princely pair of thieves, David Baltimore, and Bob Gallo?

Your letter is so pathetic that even they won't sign it. But you can TRY to collect a bunch of signatures, and I promise we will publish the entire list here.

Could anything be more fair Mr. Moore?

Addendum Post Brown: Far be it from me to be cruel like MY mentor Bialy, but I can't help notice that when I type "Hank Barnes" into Google, of approximately 1,200,000 possible returns, YBYL is No. 1, and has been so for a couple of weeks. I suppose if one types "" your site will return as the first hit too. However, typing "John P. Moore" returns approximately 32,000,000 possibilities of which you are indeed the first few, although considering what they are, I would hope that no one Googled me, if I were you, which thanks to all the gods and goddesses I am not, never was and if I keep my nose relatively clean, never will be (at least that's what Bialy says).


I am an old man and this is the first time I have actually enjoyed myself reading this weblog without the sick feeling in my stomach that often accompanied the comments of what Otis now calls "the pod squad".

In line with what Dr. Brown has pointed out, I would like to ask Prof. Moore if by his own logic he would therefore discount the following people as credible scientists, since each of them has expressed reservations about his favorite, 25 year and still unproved hypothesis.

Walter Gilbert
Kary Mullis
Lynn Margulis
Harry Rubin
George Poste
Richard Strohman
Sir Henry Harris
Gordon Stewart
Charles A. Thomas
Gerald Pollack
George Gabor Miklos
Athel Cornish-Bowdin
David Fell...and I could go on and on, and ...

Roberto P. Stock

George writes "still unproved hypothesis". George is a gentleman of the old school. I am a turk of the generational inheritors (as few as we seem to be) of the tradition belonging to the names Delbruck, Chargaff, Jacob et al., and so I feel compelled to rewrite that courteous phrasing, to which these impostors are not deserving, by the more x-plicit: "totally disproved hypothesis" as two hours at the AIDS WIKI will convince.

Harvey Bialy

This morning I sent JP one of my brief emails that I copy to a short list designed to make him squirm.

From Bialy to Moore:

"Thank you again. But really, if you keep this up people will begin to think that I am paying you from the vast royalty chest my book has accumulated off the books so to speak, wink, wink, nod, nod."

"From: "John P. Moore" [email protected]
Date: November 7, 2006 11:38:15 AM EST
Re: Thank you again

I'm delighted that your fellow AIDS denialists buy your book (or more likely that you buy up copies to give away to them, an old trick to boost circulation figures). Anyone with any understanding of the economics of closed systems would know that the only people making money out of such schemes are and the USPS......... After all, one AIDS denialist giving money to another is just the same as a member of the KKK making a donation to the Aryan Brotherhood or the Nazi Party."

My reply contained a few obscenities, and also pointed out that among all the distasteful characters I have had to come in contact in 20+ years of questioning HIV/AIDS, he takes the cake as the most distasteful, stupid and easily manipulated -- with no second place even in sight.

Darin Brown

UPDATE: The Masochist responds...

"Goof [sic] to hear from you again, Revolver@ [sic] ...... I'm really pleased I got right up your collective noses! And I'm delighted you read AIDSTruth so avidly, to improve your knowledge of things that matter (or should). Together with the latest news on our complete and crushing victory over you loonies where it really matters, South Africa, a victory that has a great deal to do with the AIDSTruth site, the multi-signatory letter from AIDS scientists to Mbeki that I organized, and with Mark Wainberg's speech at Toronto (a good friend of mine), your hysterical response to my letter has made my week - it's always pleasing to annoy you people. When you read a few articles from rather more respected science and political writers than your buddy, Celia, that will be published in the coming months in major outlets, you'll no doubt contact with me again with something else I can chuckle at. Until then, continue to fester fruitlessly in your pointless little world. John"

To which I responded:

">>Goof to hear from you again, Revolver@......

'Goof to hear from you', too, jpm2003@.

>>I'm really pleased I got right up your collective noses! And I'm delighted you read AIDSTruth so avidly,

I do not read AIDSTruth 'avidly'. There's so little new information (if you can call it that) uploaded there regularly, it takes almost no time to keep up with.

>>>the multi-signatory letter from AIDS scientists to Mbeki that I organized,

Yes, I saw your 'mini-Durban Declaration'. You must have 'declaration envy'. If only you spent a small fraction of your time responding to scientific points, as you do assembling religious declarations and proclamations.

>>>and with Mark Wainberg's speech at Toronto (a good friend of mine), that the same guy who called dissidents 'perpetrators of death' who should be thrown in jail, and who called Duesberg a 'scientific psychopath'? [see The Other Side of AIDS] I should have guessed you two would get along well.

>>When you read a few articles from rather more respected science and political writers than your buddy, Celia, that will be published in the coming months in major outlets, you'll no doubt contact with me again with something else I can chuckle at.

I doubt it... I only 'contact you' after being moved by your uniquely eloquent and articulate style of writing, which other 'respected science and political writers' cannot come close to emulating.

>>Until then, continue to fester fruitlessly in your pointless little world.

Did you see the dissident alexa rankings page at the wiki? Am I the one 'festering fruitlessly'?


POSTSCRIPT: While preparing this post, I was made aware, via the AME ("AIDS Myth Exposed") bulletin board that Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos and Valendar Turner can now join the growing list of individuals who have been so enlightened by the "uniquely eloquent and articulate style of writing" of the Masochist Mauler: Moore responds to Perth


I was just checking the Alexa rankings for YBYL. In case anyone is unfamiliar with Alexa, it is a service that ranks websites via users with a toolbar:

From Wikipedia:

"Alexa ranks sites based on visits from users of its Alexa Toolbar which is only available for Internet Explorer and must be manually installed. A third-party extension for Mozilla Firefox called SearchStatus was made available in May 2006; it allows users of this browser to view Google and Alexa rankings of a visited site and thereby also affect Alexa rankings.... Alexa provides an important, useful, and, for most websites, also independent source of information about website traffic."

The lower the ranking, the better. The ranking for YBYL has jumped from 2,646,051 to 867,718 in less than one month. This is a phenomenal jump in such a short period of time.

Here are some specifics from today. Until now, this post devoted to the wisdom of JPMoore has attracted 537 independent visits, from 28 countries, and 32% of the visitors are from /.edu(s), and 8% from /.gov(s).

Considering that his own site ( continues to stagnate around the "clinically undetectable" rank of 4,500,000, I think that me and the entire staff of YBYL deserve a BIG thank you from John for making sure that so many have had the chance to read his inspired words, and so many more will.

How bout it John, do I get a thank you here? You write at the drop of an email to *everybody* else.

lucio verani

you people are disgusting.


Attacking John Moore, David Ho and David Baltimore is truly outrageous. But it's no where as offensive as your promotion of mental-diarrhea (or HIV denialism) that causes death.
is not run by Cornell.
it was founded by a partnership of people, including members of the TAC, which the NYT called "the world's most effective AIDS organization" on August 30th.


Search The Rockefeller University Website

The Rockefeller University - Search for new faculty yields 10 finalists
... , research specialist, Rice Lab. Anna Tischler, postdoctoral fellow, McKinney Lab. Beatrix Ueberheide, postdoctoral associate, Chait Lab. Lucio Verani, administrative assistant, Steinman Lab. Miquel Vila-Perello, postdoctoral associate, Muir Lab. Ronghui Wang, laboratory technician, Heintz Lab. Claudia ...


Lucio writes:

"Attacking John Moore, David Ho and David Baltimore is truly outrageous."

Even Rock Tech's newest faculty in the Steinman lab could not bring himself to defend his countryman Gallo, who was also mentioned as a princely thief by Otis up above.

As some would say, "Well, well."

lucio verani

hey, at least i use a full name so you can do that search. and yes, the lab i work in works on HIV vaccines.

by the way, i don't need to see gravity to know that it is real.

otis, i've heard that Wally Gilbert has renounced the AIDS-denialist quackery.

george: it would be impossible to list and defend the outspoken and respected scientists like Gallo and Wainberg, who think your heroes are idiots.

although, you all can (try to) list those that are pariahs in the scientific and human rights community.



I fully agree. It *would* be impossible to list the respected scientists who think my heroes, Delbruck, Chargaff, Jacob, and the others that Dr. Stock might add to his etc. above are idiots.

The problem is including W & G in that category.

As for the list you refer to: These are hardly heroes of mine young sir. However, your assertion is still probably correct. And you will note please, that I did not attribute any heretical positions to any in the list, only that they questioned your gospel.

Chill kid. Go inject a monkey if admin. assistants are allowed near sharp objects.

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