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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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November 07, 2006


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Mouth of the Yellow River

Ni Hao! Kannichi Wa!

Don’t be too hard on “The Bad Boys of Cleveland.” The first step in a general rebellion is for individuals to experience the joy of rebellion, "bad” in the eyes of the established order, and an emergent victim of sorts, no matter how trivial the momentary target of rebellion. Once the spark of rebellion is lit, it can grow into a raging fire, unless snuffed or bought out early on by wealth and power.

Overlook The Boys necessary hypocritical shout about how beautiful are the Emperor’s clothes (HIV = AIDS), necessary before the King’s capos, henchmen and hangmen that pervade control mechanisms of dissemination of results and support throughout the “peer review” system move into action.

The Boys may be learning something general that can be applied elsewhere despite the fact their specific immunoresponse model (HIV) may have nothing to do with cause of AIDS.

If only Professor Moore could sit back and enjoy working out the details of protein-protein interactions and how to block them for the sheer joy of knowing instead of such preoccupation with the fear that the interaction system may be from a cell culture curiosity having nothing to do with cause of disease. Like the rest of us dedicated curiosity-oriented working stiffs are doing with the myriad of products of inheritable genomes.




You are either a very, very funny fellow, an optimist of the sort that thinks the election results will make a single thing objectively better, or possessed of eastern inscrutability that makes the insidious Dr. Fu transparent.

John Moore could not calculate a dipole moment, or solve a simple transform or calculate a Kd or anything else that those like you (and me once)who are enamored of chemo-topological puzzles do for the shear joy of the doing.

He can barely cross the street safely.


The New Scientist is publishing a story on similar research results. Here's a revealing quote:

"Brian Williams of the WHO and his colleagues studied HIV-positive and HIV-negative populations...

"They found that between 3 and 5 per cent of HIV-negative people had CD4 counts below 350."

As I tell people in my world the most common reaction I hear is, "That's crazy."

What is NOT crazy about 25 years of HIV/AIDS? It's time to put it down! NotAIDS!

Claus Jensen

Latest on Fox News (in the unlikely event you missed it)

American Journal of Medical Care (or something like that):

Life expectancy of Americans with Aids: 24 yrs!! Medical expenses: $25,000 per annum.

Hey Claus! Don't you get CNN in BKK, or do you prefer the Irish Foxes? "Whenever", thanks for the nod, and here is the ref. [Otis]

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