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December 04, 2006


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Harvey Bialy

I just received the following email from my seven decade old amigo and compadre. It is so typically him, I have to share it.

"Hi Harvey,

Now that the Rockwell conference is over and things have calmed down, I am touching up the powerpoint a little more without a deadline.

Have you seen it yet?

I am still not clear what Lew Rockwell is all about. It's libertarian all right, very receptive to chemically "acquired" AIDS, and to changing the study-section monopoly of funding, and they did offer heart-felt applause and questions from 9 until 11 PM. But no one has asked if they could write a check to the lab yet.

As ever,


Tom Edmondson

Praise God And Lew Rockwell for creating an audience for Dr Duesberg. The OneWorld Monopolists have used Cancer and HIV/AIDS to maintain a false Hi-level of Fear and State dependency to further justfy Socialized Medicine and it's bankrupt methods for $$Billions and decades. I recommend AZT infusions for them all !!


I will gladly be writing a check to his lab as soon as the next year chimes in. I have a little "jackpot" coming which I will care to share with him :)

Otis (Dec. 11 / with an updated Powerpoint)

Dec. 11:

Prof. Duesberg just sent this updated, revised Powerpoint presentation.

It includes, in his words, "the very latest stats on the drug-AIDS hypothesis from a French Connection


I just received the email exchange that is reprinted below (with permission) from Lew Rockwell. It corrects a "grievous" error in the post. o)

On Dec 5, 2006, at 12:42 PM, JB wrote:

Dear Lew,

Thanks for inviting me to dinner. I sat next to Dr. Dorman. Among many other things, he had worked in a kibbutz and served in the Israeli army. I had never met anyone before who had done either of those things.

Thanks also for the great summary of Dr. Duesberg's talk. But I do have one nitpick for you, as usual. I was in the front row, so I got to ask him a question right away, and didn't have to wait two hours.

I asked him whether his birthday was that day (Dec. 1). He said no, it was the next day (Dec. 2). (I verified this on Wikipedia.) I said that was indeed fortunate, as Dec. 1 was World Aids Day. The first summary (A.H., MBA) claims his birthday was Dec. 1.

Dear JB,

So sorry about the b'day mixup, but I am glad you were there and got to meet Tom Dorman. He is a great physician as well as a brilliant intellectual


Ike Hall

I have been to a Lew Rockwell conference (I couldn't get to this one, though), and I know the audience well. I can assure you that no one was hissing Dr. Duesberg, but rather, the research that he was debunking. I'll try to verify this from the audiotapes (available from but I'm 99.44% sure I'm right on this one.

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