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December 11, 2006


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Celia Farber

At what point of madness will the believers begin to lose their nerve? Another harrowing, heartbreaking story. And more silence. I lifted my fingers reactively to forward that piece written by Shelley McNeil to the press, the world's conscience, to anybody. Something kept catching me at the elbows: It was the realization that I could think of few who would respond, other than possibly by writing me back and saying: "How terrible."

I never paid attention to HIV criminalization laws because I felt somehow that these scenarios would not come to pass--not in a stable democracy. Charles Ortleb used to attempt to shake me awake.

My reply to Chuck was always some version of this: The classic HIV 'activist' stance used to be, somewhat paradoxically, to insist upon HIV as both pathogenic and highly transmissible, and also to apply ultra activist fury upon any and all who pushed for contact tracing or criminalization of HIV positives. I thought those people, ACLU and all of em, would hold back this tide. Now I see that even they have lost their grip, and even the bio-medical "community" that created this monster, is begging for the world to listen to what it eats and doesn't eat so it can be lured back into its sprung chains.

Look up the proto-case of Nushawn Williams on Google, as I did today. One of the first hits that came up was a segment from Giraldo Rivera's show in which Ann Coulter was inching toward advocating tattooing the genitalia of the positive, as Buckley had done before her, but stepped back. Rivera feigned horror, but Coulter was as usual making perfect sense: "There are labels on mattresses," she said, "on hamburger meat, on cigarettes..."

Liberals and Conservatives might do well to abandon all hope of human "freedom," here if indeed it offers the only respite from the dreaded critique of the HIV test. Even the Libertarians are as silent as the grave on this. So long as it is always others, those unfortunate others. The HIV dialectic is locked into a single demonic locket which a rare few people on earth have the expertise and courage to finally deconstruct. The Test. The most destructive technology of the century, for it drives us to do things in its name that we couldn't dream of in the absence of its license.

Harvey Bialy

Here is a latest and best news about the epidemic, at least according to that fountain of scientific, cultural and deviant sexual wisdom, the NY Times.

Since it can no longer publish editorials from Moore, the editorial board has apparently enlisted YBYL's own Marcel Girodian [I hope they paid him handsomely, as this piece is better than anything he wrote for us for free, Otis].

Maybe the judge who hears the Trevis Smith case will get an idea.

I rest my own.



Rare Good News About AIDS

Dec. 14, 2006

The announcement yesterday about the results in two African studies of male circumcision may be the most important development in AIDS research since the debut of antiretroviral drugs more than a decade ago. The National Institutes of Health halted studies in Uganda and Kenya when it became overwhelmingly clear that circumcision significantly reduces men’s chances of catching H.I.V.

The studies recruited men willing to be circumcised and randomly assigned them to immediate surgery or to a control group. In both studies, the circumcised men acquired half the number of H.I.V. infections as their uncircumcised counterparts did. The studies confirm the results of a trial that ended last year in South Africa, in which circumcision prevented 60 to 70 percent of new AIDS infections.

Until now, efforts at AIDS prevention have largely failed. Little wonder. It requires people to resolve — every day — either not to have sex or to use condoms. Circumcision, by ontrast, is a one-time procedure. It is familiar and widely accepted all over the world, even by groups who do not practice it. And safe circumcision does not require a doctor. Community
workers and traditional healers can be trained to do the operation safely and given the correct tools.

Based on the South African results, groups like the United Nations AIDS rogram and the World Health Organization were already discussing how they might promote circumcision in countries around the world. They should now move as quickly as possible.

Governments and international donors should also work urgently to provide new financing to help high-risk countries train community workers to do safe circumcision. News of the South African results has already led to a urge in demand for the procedure across Africa, and clinics that now offer it have long waiting lists.

Any campaign will have to be coupled with warnings that circumcision offers only partial protection against H.I.V. and should not become a license for risky sex. Governments must continue to promote condoms and partner reduction.

For years, the holy grail of AIDS prevention has been a vaccine, even one that is only 50 to 60 percent effective. A real vaccine is years away. But as of yesterday, we know its near equivalent exists. International donors and governments should join together to spread the good news about circumcision and make the procedure available everywhere.


Having suffered one scientific setback after another in recent months, as documented so thoroughly on these pages, the brain trust of AIDS, Inc. has apparently decided to begin dismantaling themselves in the African American community.

Not even Oprah and her dirty men on the down low mind would touch this one.

Anthony Brink

I wrote a letter to Dr Francois Venter, president of the Southern African HIV-AIDS Clinicians Society, about this earlier this year. Check it out!

Kyle Shields

I had a look at the figs from these 'breakthough' papers:

Kenya trial: out of 1393 circ men 22 became pos and 47 out of 1392 men uncirc.

That is a rate of 1.57% and 3.3% respectively.

Uganda trial: There was 4996 hiv neg men in the trial and 22 circ men and 43 non circ became Hiv pos.

That is .8% and 1.7% respectively.

Some breakthrough!

And do we have here another case of the right hand not knowing what the left is doing because these seem like awfully low prevalence rates from what I understand from the same media that brought us this!

The Australian version of the Trevis Smith case, by the way, resumes soon.

I'll be there.

Lisa Thompson

After reading all these articles about Trevis Smith constantly, easily obtained by internet. Only a few know that Mr. Smith has another daughter who is 8 years old and does not know what's going on, but she's at the age now where she searches the web often. The lastest is her figuring out that if she types her father's name in the search engine all these articles pop up about him. I as her mother will someday soon have to explain all of this to her. Tamika, and his other kids aren't the only ones affected here. What about my daughter?

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