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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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January 17, 2007


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Darin Brown

This paper, from the UNESCO World Journal of Biotechnology and Microbiology is the earliest, serious, academic evisceration of the myth of an HIV/AIDS-ravaged Africa.

It most assuredly was on the desk and read by every member of the WHO/International AIDS hierarchy, yet the editor of the journal at the time, Colin Ratledge, told Dr. Bialy that he never received a single letter regarding it that he could publish, in that it was not laced with vituperation and righteous bombast, and demands that he retract the publication.

Typical. Faced with irrefutable data in a real venue, AIDS, Inc. reacts with outrage, and furious demands in the name of Truth, and when that fails they go dead silent.

And I thought Silence = Death

Andrew Maniotis

Yesterday, this article appeared on the front page of my university newspaper.

Today, I sent the following letter to a colleague:

"Dear Dr. ...

I don't think that this racist propaganda on the front page of the UIC paper yesterday, regarding Dr. R.C. Bailey's work on circumcision and AIDS, can go unaddressed. Yesterday, I emailed the piece to the vice chancellor for research, and indeed, many other faculty members here in my department and others, with the pointed question asking how it is possible that some scientists get New York Times coverage or press releases regarding their work without first having a peer reviewed analysis of their work? It isn't fair is it? It isn't the way science should be done, is it? Especially science that affects global health care policy, and the perception of the United States in the eyes of the world.

Haven't yet heard back a word from the Dean(s), or indeed, any other faculty member (no big surprise)!

But just for a moment, imagine yourself to be a black African male (or an African American male student on our campus), and you wake up one morning and on the front page of the paper you see a story proposing that legions of Western White "health care professionals" are coming after you in their white coats, mumbling something about saving you and your sexually promiscuous Black self from AIDS with a knife to chop off the end of your penis! Hardly an image that evokes trust and confidence (we both grew up in Detroit, and know better).

It's better (and cheaper) for us to extend food and clean water than to proclaim unconditionally, and without discussion, how we are about to come after the African male's privates with knives, don't you think? Especially based on press-released science that isn't even published!

Many of my African American friends and colleagues would express considerable reservations about such a proposition. If it will save Africa from AIDS, then why not go after all the muscle beach California white men's penises as well, or first, just to show that the procedure is effective?

You do something radical with your students every semester and have even invited me several times to present alternative views on microbiological issues such as AIDS (for which I am and believe your students have been grateful).

You are a respected microbiologist, and you and I could make a difference in the education of our students here at UIC, regardless of what or where your ideas are at this point regarding this subject, just by hosting a public forum.

R.C. Bailey at the School of Public Health is a nice enough fellow (I spoke with him on the phone to confirm stats regarding his NIADS New York Times claims regarding his unpublished circumcision piece, and how its going to save Africa), and I wouldn't be timid about asking him to also join in the discussion about his own work.

This is the largest medical school in the U.S., and I'll be damned if open discussion regarding "HIV/AIDS" shouldn't be presented to our students.

What do you think?

Andrew Maniotis"

Brother from Brooklyn

I wonder why there is not some very loud cry of outrage from the highly vocal defenders of Black Pride.

Every time someone "famous" makes a racist slip of the tongue and reveals their true feelings in an unguarded moment by making some remark about "lacking the buoyancy" for example, there is a reaction in the media that excites the circulation executives to the point of orgasm.

Yet when shit like this circumcision business gets big time play and backing from the O's (and probably even the O-bamas) of the "community", I can't catch a word of outrage about it anywhere?

Old radicals like me do not die, we don't even fade away.

Lee Evans

I am thinking that a litmus test for every Black politican should be:

Do you support male, adult circumcision in Africa as a way to control "the spread" of AIDS?

Gloria Lemay

Female genital mutilation, male circumcision "likely to spread HIV"

afro! News, 26 February - New research dramatically contradicts the popular conclusions of recently published reports, holding that male circumcision protects against contracting AIDS. Scientists looking at male circumcision and female genital mutilation (FGM) practices in Kenya, Lesotho and Tanzania found that the cut in itself was causing many new AIDS cases among adolescents.

The research, published in the March issue of the scientific journal 'Annals of Epidemiology', was carried out by a team of researchers led by Devon Brewer, director of the research firm Interdisciplinary Scientific Research. "We found that circumcised virgins and adolescents in Kenya, Lesotho, and Tanzania were consistently and substantially more likely to be infected with HIV than their uncircumcised counterparts,"
Mr Brewer said.

Read the rest of this article.

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