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Bad Manners and Good Gossip

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January 27, 2007


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Martin Kessler

You don't need money for a lawsuit when a lawyer takes a case on contingency - most lawyers know that mega-corporations like Pfizer have very deep pockets and are insured for liability.

What riles me is that taking Crystal Meth is a personal decision. It's up to the individual who takes harmful drugs like Crystal Meth to do some rudimentary investigation into potential interactions. It's too bad in this society people are held blameless when they take a so-called addictive drug (like Crystal Meth) even when they are taking some other medication - they probably wouldn't tell their doctor who prescibed any prescription drugs they are taking because they are either embarassed or the doctor might report them (or something else unpleasant to the patient).

Michael Geiger

Please also take note that Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, filed suit against Pfizer immediately after Pfizer turned down Weinstein's request for more funding of his pharmaceutically financed AIDS Healthcare Foundation. He intends to make an example of any and every company that turns away from sending him unlimited amounts of money. This practice of harrassment of non funding pharmaceutical companies is one that many AIDS advocating groups, such as Larry Kramer's/Iris Long's ACT-UP New York, Mark Harrington's Treatment Action Group, Martin Delaney's Project Inform, etc, have done for many years. I think the idea is to make the companies pay one way or another. either through law suits and bad publicity, or through polite funding gifts to the AIDS advocates.

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