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January 03, 2007


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Patrick Schluter

You forgot to mention another, great book concerning cholesterol, Anthony Colpo's "The great cholesterol con"

And here is another site with interesting articles about the subject.

Henry Bauer

A close personal friend has participated in CoQ10 studies. Several years ago, he proposed to Merck the marketing of a "super-statin" that would contain CoQ10. The idea was shot down by Merck's legal advisers, on the grounds that this would be an admission that they should earlier have been warning statin users to take CoQ10 supplements.

Shades of Vioxx, etc.


Very interesting post. I have always wondered about the efficacy of statin use. As you said, the use of statins is ubiquitous, but one wonders when the fine print always mentions that there are no studies that "prove" statins prevent heart disease, etc. I wonder about fenofibrates(Tricor) which lower cholesterol in a different manner. Do you have any thoughts, or literature recommendations, about Tricor?

Steve Keppel-Jones

Malcolm Kendrick, M.D., wrote an article on the relationship between cholesterol, diet, heart disease, and statin drugs. I found it to be very informative, well-written, entertaining, and most importantly not too lengthy.

The bottom line, after you get past all of the establishment shenanigans that we're very familiar with, is that statins do protect against heart disease, but this has nothing to do with cholesterol, lipoproteins, or diet. And the effect is not that large; it is comparable to that of aspirin, for approximately the same reasons, although I suspect aspirin is quite a bit safer.

Joel M. Kauffman

Great essay on Lipitor, better than I did myself a year ago in my book: Malignant Medical Myths.

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