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January 20, 2007


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That is an extremely interesting letter Prof. Geshekter, and I wonder if The Guardian will publish it along with a reply. I have my tongue very far in my cheek as I type that.

The reason I am making this comment, however, is not to demonstrate my wit, but rather to demonstrate my infantile, despite my advanced age, skills at navigating the Web with anything like the facility I know many of the YBYL readers exhibit, having grown up with the net.

When I tried to find an audio file of the debate you refer to in the first paragraph, which intrigues me to no end, I was as miserable a failure as ARV intoxication.

I could not even find the parent station of "Democracy Now" to see if I could find the audio archivist's email to discover if I could purchase an electronic version.

So in true networking on the net fashion, I would like to ask:

Can anyone out there help to locate such a file?

I am sure there are a "lot" of people (easily more than 1000) who would be grateful to you.


This should bring you to the page containing the audio file.

In the section labeled Archives, type "Achmat." Choose the third radio program listed.

Otis: I thank you on the behalf of many, even a"lot" of people. The web is the I-bomb, the most powerful weapon of mass hallucinatory destruction ever invented. Thanks President Gore.

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