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February 15, 2007


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Celia Farber

This is a 1994 interview I did with Dr. Mullis in SPIN. He discusses among other things Robert Gallo, and his personal yearning to be permitted to ask him "..a goddamn simple question...."

Prevented from doing so even with an ABC News team at his heels, Mullis fumes:

"Here's a Nobel Prize winner trying to ask a simple question from those who spent $22 billion and killed 100,000 people. It has to be on TV. It's a VISUAL thing."

David Crowe

Reading the transcript of Gallo and other prosecution 'experts' provides many moments of dark humor, but these transcripts cost AUS$5 per page (about US$4) and some run over 100 pages. This has strained the meager financial resources of the family of the defendant and the donations collected so far.

If people read the transcripts and extract the juiciest bits please post them here and email them to me and I'll try to put together a summary at as a permanent archive.

No matter what happens to this case, these transcripts will be around forever and are a gold mine of information extract from experts under oath.

One other thing ... can anyone interpret this exchange with Robert Gallo (or identify more idiocies that I didn't pick up)?

[Lawyer]…what do you say to the proposition that's been advanced by the defence in this case, 'Well, if you know so much about HIV and if it exists why haven't you found a cure for it'.

[Robert Gallo] Well, if the person wasn't a laypersonn I would speak more harshly. You know, I would say that that's silly. But let me explain with an analogy. The best analogy I can give is what I said to laypersons 20 years ago. If I know everything about Mt. Everest there is to know; every cape, every rock, every strata, every bush or every tree, I can't climb it until you develop the helicopter for me [note that only specially adapted helicopters can fly at the altitude of Mt. Everest]. That analogy is apropos to HIV. Obviously this is full of tricks and there are many microbes that have been around a long, long time that we desperately need vaccines for that are much longer around than HIV. Malaria being one obvious example; a bacterium that is a parasite [Malaria is caused by Plasmodium, which is a protist, not a bacteria] - a bacterium tuberculosis is another one. How many examples would one want? The question has no meaning…I will try to be as fast as I can but some of the things are complex to explain properly, especially when there is so much misleading information in my mind…

Aunt Gertrude

The "Alice" in the headline could not possibly be my companion Alice B. since she is occupied conferring with Mr. Spicer and Mr. Duncan about the preparation of Epicurian delights for the soul and is not in Australia never mind where.

However as Monsieurs Spicer and Duncan and we come from the same "Geography" and since Mr. Spicer had written so presciently about "HIV/AIDS" I thought to remind everyone of my famous remark about Oakland that has been used and misused so widely since I left for "Platonic spirit land".

It seems exceptionally appropriate now regarding the mysterious virus that kills and kills and is passed and passed and yet no one knows how:

"There's no there there."


When I tested ‘positive’ I met with a virologist. After having read a lot on the Virusmyth website I asked him why the man who invented the PCR does not believe that the test he invented should be used to diagnose HIV? His response was, believe it or not: “Ouch my back.” Then he proceeded to tell me how he’d been having back pains-he never answered my question and just went on to assure me that I was infected and that the meds would not harm me. But, in the same conversation he said: “T-Cells can fluctuate a hundred percent in a given day.” And then he mentioned that there is a family of hemophiliacs in Australia [I believe that is the country he mentioned] who have lived well with HIV and no ARV medication.

Jeremy Roberts

That was a nice moment.

As was the bit between Borick and Gallo towards the end of his testimony where Gallo says he’s hungry because he and his wife went out to see "Letters from Iwo Jima" at the cinema – Gallo recommends the movie to the court, and then Borick says he saw "Stranger than Fiction" the night before and he recommends it to Gallo…

NB:Jeremy Roberts is a reporter with The Australian who has been covering the Parenzee trial since the beginning. A complete set of his stories is located here.

David Crowe

The latest update in the Adelaide court case is that we can now reveal correspondence between one of the prosecution witnesses, Peter McDonald and Kary Mullis.

It's all a bit bizarre that one of the prosecution team would be
appealing to a famous 'denialist' for assistance. He also seems to miss the point of the Perth Group and others. There's no question that PCR works, it's just a question of whether A) you can use it as a testing methodology and B) whether it can detect HIV using primers that were not taken from pure HIV and might therefore not be from HIV at all.

Jeremy Roberts [with the newest, surreal twist]

Witness opposes jail for HIV cases
Jeremy Roberts
The Australian, 22 February 2007, p7.

COURTS should not jail men for sexually transmitting HIV to partners, according to a private email by a prosecution expert who testified this month against a man convicted of exposing three women to HIV.

Emeritus professor Peter McDonald sent the email to scientists in the US on Saturday, three days after he told an Adelaide court he "had no doubt" HIV caused AIDS.

Defence lawyers were sent the email and showed it to Supreme Court judge John Sulan in a hastily arranged hearing on Tuesday. Justice Sulan has called Professor McDonald back to be cross-examined on the document next Wednesday.

Professor McDonald was pivotal in marshalling more than six highly regarded HIV scientists and clinicians to give evidence. He is an expert on infectious diseases and for 15 years up to 2002 chaired the national committee that provided funding for HIV research.

The witnesses appeared in the appeal of Andre Chad Parenzee, 36, who was convicted last year of endangering the lives of three women with whom he had unprotected sex despite knowing he was HIV-positive.

The prosecution was rebutting members of the HIV sceptic Perth Group, who claimed HIV had never been adequately identified in the laboratory and could not be said to cause AIDS.

In the email, Professor McDonald says Parenzee's jailing was "inappropriate". He also admits to doubts over the link between HIV and the onset of AIDS.

However, he told The Australian his email did not contradict his testimony. There was "some conjecture" among scientists about the mechanism by which HIV leads to AIDS, he said, but this "in no way destroys the notion that HIV causes (immune system) cell reduction and causes AIDS".


Speculation is rife that the long time it appears to be taking for the magistrate to render his verdict presages a positive outcome.

Earlier this month I sent the 'pessimistic' prediction below to a number of people.

Wouldn't it be splendid to be wrong for a change?

From: bialy harvey
Date: Mar 2, 2007 5:50 PM
Subject: my prediction

the judge has no wish at all to make adelaide the showcase for the international dissident circus trial of the century and no matter how much he was impressed (maybe) by eleni and val, and how off put and unimpressed he might have been by the prosecution experts, this would not persuade him to render anything other than the following

the court will find that although there appears to exist a certain amount of legitimate questioning in the scientific "community" about aspects of the hiv equals aids equation, it does not constitute sufficient grounds to grant an appeal in a criminal matter, and that the courts are not the places to decide such issues.

Kyle Shields [with the verdict]

Friday, 27 April:

The judge has written an 87 page summation, which for this type of appeal might be a world record.

The basic premise of his decision is that the defence witness's were not experts and had no credibility. He believed the prosecution witness's totally and I believe gave total credibility to Gallo.

The verdict, with its verbose appeal to bankrupt authority, is here:

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