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February 10, 2007


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Jack Spicer

I quote my old friend Jonathan Williams:

"Linger fickin' beats finger lickin' anytime"

Jack ("You can't see us in spirit land / in sweet Platonic spirit land / and we can't see at all")

Charles Stein

It is the experience of some poets to be frighteningly in the grips of the event which reshuffles the content of the mind and gives it form. I believe this happens to nonpoets too, but they for the most part ignore it or work their asses off to rub it out. And good thing too.

We could do a whole riff on Pinkert. But the population no doubt divides on its experience of language. If you think that natural science has even begun to get a 180 handle on it, well, bully, like they say.

There are certainly versions of language which have been cut to fit the kinds of anthropological studies that serve as data base for linguistics and cultural linguistics.

"The Names of old Blue Flagons do Riot Furiously", as poets have always known, and I can prove it (in about 20,000 words).

But here's a taste of Spicer from a book called Language:

"Moon, cantilever of sylabbles
If it were spelled "mune" it would not cause madness…

Our image shrinks to a morpheme…Death is an image of syllables."


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